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Cannabis Certifications

New online classes and training's coming soon! 

With medical marijuana on the rise, it is essential for those who want to get a leg up on the competition to become certified. Certifications get students an edge over other candidates. Employers trust CUFL to provide top level education for students while ensuring they have the essentials skills to succeed in the cannabis industry. Students who complete their certification will be granted access to the graduate jobs board for employers to view and hire graduates upon completion of their certifications.


Budtender Certification
Caregiver Certification
Cultivation Certification
Edibles Manufacturing Certification
Manager Certification
Medical Professional Certification


Are you a Cannabis expert? CUFL is looking for instructors! 

Cannabis University of Florida is currently looking for cannabis industry leaders to provide exceptional, fun, and relevant information about the cannabis field and its subsidies. Get paid teaching what you love.

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Cannabis Treatment Center Consultation

The use of cannabis is legal today for medical purposes. If you are interested in getting ahead of the competition and becoming a caregiver (grower) today, sign up for a private consultation. We will walk you through the current laws and develop a road map to help you become successful in the medical marijuana business. 

Under the current laws and legislation, medical marijuana is currently available for medical use outside of Charolette's Web and Amendment 2. It is possible today to become a caregiver (grower) for patients in Florida who have completed their proper paperwork for the use of cannabis as medicine. Caregivers grow and provide the medicine to their patients under current laws today. If you are interested in becoming a caregiver to start legally providing care to your patients now, register today for a Private Consultation. For more information on the Legality of Medical Marijuana today, click here.

Consultation fee is $499 if you come to our location or for $799 we will travel to you where ever you are in Florida.

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Cannabis Job Board


With the medical cannabis movement in full swing in Florida, the cannabis industy is going to need experts and professionals to fill the high demand.

CUFL graduates will have full access to exclusive cannabis industry positions.

Seasoned Team

We house a team of highly motivated and dedicated individuals who believe in the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Our team believes in the dream that medical marijuana can be used to treat illness and pain in those who have spent many years suffering. Our team believes in change.

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Click here to volunteer or donate today!

Click here to volunteer or donate today!

We are always looking for new connections and volunteers to help support the cause. We would love to hear from you! If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please click the link below let us know. We have lots of great opportunities for anyone who wants to be part of the medical marijuana revolution!

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