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Angela Frank: I never thought I would get
to be this old.
I wonder why God is leaving me here so long
and not helping me out with the pain.
I get a bit angry with him.
I’m not supposed to feel that way, I know,
but I do.
I’m on a lot of pain medication and I hate
that because I’m a doer.
I don’t like to just lie down all the time.
Speaker 2: What did marijuana mean in the
society you grew up in?
Angela Frank: I actually just thought that
people that took it were nuts.
I was afraid of it.
I don’t like to not know what I’m doing and
I was afraid I would get that feeling.
Sue Taylor: My generation follows the rules,
but I’m going to show you how it’s going to
look, what we purpose to do with it and it’s
going to upgrade the community.
We were taught in high school that weed, as
they say, is a devil’s drug.
Speaker 2: And the ultimate end of the marijuana
Hopeless insanity.
Sue Taylor: To fight against that, we’re almost
going against what we were taught, what we
believe from our core, and I recognize it
because I as one of those people, and sometimes
I’m still frightened.
Once it becomes legal, it legitimizes everything.
We will be less reluctant to try it.
KC Page: Say who you are and perhaps what
you’re looking to learn tonight.
Any time something’s new that has no side
effects and a really high acceptance level,
there’s a lot of good, early adopters.
Speaker 5: I’m just curious.
I’ve seen so many of the residents here in
pain and I’m just curious.
KC Page: Pain control, appetite stimulation,
eliminating anxiety and releasing them from
the anxiety drugs, which are really bad for
That’s one of the scary things as an administrator
and a professional, that we’re walking a very
thin line here, so we’ve been using them,
going slow, documenting everything and hoping
for the best.
Angela Frank: My friend gave me a cookie,
gave me a quarter of a cookie, and he realizes
how small I am, and within an hour, after
I had taken that I was so dizzy I could hardly
drive this cart and I got terribly frightened.
I don’t know exactly what kind of fear it
was, but I was just frightened.
Speaker 2: You had a bad experience.
Angela Frank: Yeah.
Speaker 2: So I guess I’m trying to understand
why you think it could be different.
Angela Frank: Well, because I think I was
I just … I want something so badly that
will help.
Sue Taylor: Hi.
How are you?
Angela Frank: I’m fine.
Thank you.
Sue Taylor: For number one, I never would
have recommended that you take that much because
of your body weight and because you haven’t
had previous experience with cannibis.
Angela Frank: Right.
Sue Taylor: That was really too much to take.
Angela Frank: Yeah.
Sue Taylor: And those feelings that you were
feeling is quite scary.
We are not used to being high or being out
of sorts.
What would you be using the cannibis for?
For what ailment?
Angela Frank: Pain, just real severe pain.
Sue Taylor: … what they call CBD.
Are you familiar with CBD?
Angela Frank: No.
Sue Taylor: Okay, the cannibis plants have
two major components, CBD and THC.
The THC is what people know for for the high.
The CBD, there’s little high associated with
Speaker 6: … it’s going to be different
than how I respond to it, right?
So the best thing I can say for seniors is
trial and error with medical marijuana.
Sue Taylor: Yeah, it’s trial and error and
people get frustrated with it because they’re
so used to say, “You take this pill and call
me in the morning.”
Speaker 6: Right
Sue Taylor: Well, it’s not that way with the
Speaker 6: Right, this is not a pharmaceutical.
Sue Taylor: They get frustrated.
Omega mix, it’s in mint cookies.
Okay, they have a tablet.
That’s good.
So they have in many, many different kinds
and these are the different ways you can ingest

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