Defoliation Cannabis In Grow Tent Free Guide

Well, here we go. This is the test.
[Rigby]: I can’t really get it in good focus…
Looks okay.
Really? Oh, thank god.
[Brown] So we grew this cannabis using a
hydroponic unit called the Grobo,
and we did that because I have know nothing about cannabis.
So I’m keen to have your analysis of this.
If you have to give this a grade, what grade would you give it?
If I’m gonna be brutally honest
Brutally honest.
Okay, I would give this
a two out of ten.
two out of ten?!
It’s still very very wet-
No it’s like a bar of soap after the shower, it’s like unbelievable. It’s terrible.
The drying and curing is actually the most important part-
What about if I microwave it a little bit?
You could do that it, would probably dry it,
but you’d also get rid of all the terpenes and trichomes,
which are those little glands on the plant which contain
all the THC and CBD and all the do
various cannabinoids.
I would say that it’s actually got a quite a lot of trichomes,
so I’d say you did a good job in the growing aspect of it.
But if you don’t dry it properly,
you’ll basically the trikes will break and you’ll lose the medical part of the plant.
[Brown] When I saw the ads for the Grobo, they display it you know in somebody’s apartment,
it’s in the corner, you know, the light goes on, it’s purple. Very groovy.
It looks like a stereo speaker, essentially.
The smell of this thing, when it flowered, was so strong
that there was a revolution at the Globe in Mail
and my colleagues said, you know, get that thing out of here.
So I had to put it in his friends garden shed, and he was doing me a favor,
and he’s got kids and I didn’t want them to find it.
So, you’re supposed to dry it within the machine,
so I only did it for five days because I zipped it out of there.
So, really, two out of ten because of the moisture?
Moisture and they’re not the biggest nugs.
I think for a first attempt you did a great job, but I have to be a little hard on you.
[Brown] Going into your grow boxes, those shipping containers,
you really have to be merciless in your pruning of the lower stem.
[Rigby] Oh, absolutely.
[Brown] Ya… I was not.
I had a kind of a round Bush, as opposed to a vase of flowers.
So the way you can look at it is,
you want you want the energy to be used efficiently to produce the flower.
Rather than putting energy into growing leaves, that energy is now being used
to create large, potent buds.
[Brown] I see, well thank you.
Two out of ten…
I got to give credence where it’s due and you got some work to do.
Ya, alright, thank you very much.

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