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23 states and the District of Columbia have
legalized or decriminalized Marijuana. 2 States,
Washington and Colorado, have made it legal
for recreational use, which is the ultimate
goal for groups trying to fully legalize weed.
Colorado did this more than 8 months ago,
and the numbers are in so we can finally look
at some of the effects of legalizing weed.
First off, let’s look at the givens.
Legalizing weed adds tax revenue; That’s
obvious. Colorado expects a $98 million dollars
jump in tax revenue from weed sales this year
alone. Legalizing weed also adds jobs. It’s
estimated by the Marijuana Industry Group
that about 10,000 people now work in the weed
industry in Colorado, nearly 2,000 of which
started in the first half of this year. Most
were already working in Colorado’s medical
marijuana industry prior to 2014. And the
weed industry only accounts for about .04
percent of Colorado’s workforce. So, those
numbers shouldn’t be overblown, but sales
are good and further job growth is expected.
Those are the things that we know for sure.
They have a direct causal relationship to
the change in the law. But there are also
things that we can’t directly tie to law.
These have a corollary relationship, but are
still worth mentioning as they may allay some
Anti-legalization groups feared that legalizing
recreational weed would lead to an increase
in driving fatalities. There is no direct
evidence of that. In fact, the number of driving
fatalities were down in the first half of
2014. They also feared that there would be
an increase in hard drug use. Again, people
are actually using less hard drugs now than
they were ten years ago. They feared that
more high school aged kids would be smoking
weed. Again: no. And they feared that there
would be a spike in violent crime and crime
in general. There hasn’t been. The crime
rate is actually trending down.
So, does that mean that weed makes our highways,
high schools and streets safer? No. Like I
said, there is no direct connection between
legalizing recreational marijuana and any
of these statistics. We can’t prove causation,
but we can show that since weed became legal,
things have not gotten worse.
So, are there any proven negatives to come
out of these first 8 months?
Yes, sort of. Not really. There is some anecdotal
evidence that the general public isn’t quite
ready for edible marijuana. One man ate edible
marijuana and then shot his wife. Another
man ate edible marijuana and then fell off
of a balcony. The police think that marijuana
played a role in both incidents. And the number
of children who have been admitted to Children’s
Hospital of Colorado in Aurora due to consumption
of marijuana in the first sixth months of
the year is already more than all of last
year. Again, this evidence is largely anecdotal,
but it has been enough for the state to start
looking at its THC limits and labeling requirements
for edible goods. On the whole, the experiment
appears to be a success, but we won’t know
for sure until it has been in practice for
many more years.

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6 thoughts to Grow Cannabis In Arizona Learn More Here At 15:29

  1. Weed is not a drug it's an unaltered plant material ingested by various means with nothing but benefits. Anything that could possibly hurt you from smoking or eating it is hella out weighed by the benefits

  2. Ironically I live in Texas and there barely allowing marijuana to expanded for medical use. But living in a red state with more concerns with lack of infrastructure, a more proper Medicare system, or any if at all different jobs would be backwards regardless

  3. Can anyone explain why alcohol and cigarettes and cars are legal and marijuana is not???

    Alcohol and cigarettes combined kill about a half million ppl every year, cars kill about a million ppl every year, marijuana kills nobody!!

    Yet it is perfectly legal to drive a car while smoking a cigarette and having boxes of alcohol in your trunk, but god forbid I had 1 gram of weed with me I go to jail….?????????


  4. I don’t think marijuana is addicting at all. I used to smoke marijuana and drink all the time in my adolescence. I haven’t smoked in 9 years and I probably have a beer once a month. Addiction isn’t all about the substances you use. It’s more directly related to your mental health, culture, and situational environment. Which is the biggest problem in America.