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What is up guys I just got my new high grade kit
it’s this little device that connects to the camera on your phone and
you can see things like the potency gives you tips on how to get better yields and
it shows you if there’s any disease or
Pests in the plan and it gives you tips on water and nutrients for the plant for all my growers out there
So I’m gonna test it out. I
haven’t used it before so this is gonna be
New to us both so there’s a code in here that connects to an app on your phone
So I’m gonna download it up right now. It’s this high grade, right here
So this is the app. It’s downloading right now. It’s ready
Open it. So on this page, there’s a little button that says I already have the kit so I’m gonna click on that
It’s gonna ask for the code and I have that right here
So I’m gonna click it got it and then I’m gonna scan the code
Let’s see if I can get this one camera for you guys
Here fine, I guess you can use those out without the kit
But you do have to pay if you buy the kit then you can use that for free
with the scam code but when you buy the kit comes with this little handy dandy thing which slips right over your camera and
Gives you a zoom and a flash so you can see your butt a little bit better
So this is some sexual chocolate that I have
It’s some super super fire, but I put out my story the other day can’t really see it that well
This is what it looks like with the flash just had to show you guys real quick. It’s super super nice
Okay, so I just took three pictures and it’s analyzing the THC
It says that it’s 19 percent THC would say that’s pretty accurate
Since it’s some pretty dank, bud
19 percent seems like a perfect number
Okay, so I just tested for THC and now I’m going to test for grade
This it says you can do it without the scope so I took the scope off of my phone and I’m gonna chai
Just focus this so. I just took three pictures of this GMO cookies and clicked done and
it said this was a
High-grade bud. This is like all backwards, but it says
This is a top-shelf. Well cured high quality cannabis
Congratulations GMO cookies indica effects Bobby high relaxing use for treating
information depression and migraines and
Flavors are dank herbal and diesel, which is definitely on point
So that was really cool to see I’m gonna do another that was really fun
I also want to test the THC of this GMO cookies because that just got me all excited
So let’s do that
All right, so it’s analyzing and let’s see what it says Oh 24 percent
That’s what I’m talking about Oh
once you type in the name of the strain
It tells you the effects the flavors and what it’s good for treating. So I really like this
This is fun. I’m gonna do more
Next I’m gonna try this Girl Scout cookie. It is also a cookie just like the last one I tried
This one is just plain girl. Let’s just test the tea tree again because that’s really fun. Okay
So again, I’m gonna take three pictures
the plants
And let’s see what it says
20% THC. I’m gonna type in the name of it. Which girls Scout
And it gives you some of the effects and whatnot which are relaxed happy and euphoric
It’s used for treating depression insomnia and pain and it has a sweet earthy pungent flavor
the more you know
Oh my God should use the shitty weed just for fun
Nick: Yeah
Oh my God it smells so bad
Nick: I dont even want that around me
alright sorry kid
Nick: UHHH OHH UHH it smells like vomit
It really does smell so bad
Nick: It smells like a fucking ass
Nick: it smells so bad dude im sorry
For fun
Alright guys, so I am going to try this really nasty nug
that I’ve had
laying around
For a little too long and I haven’t know what to do with it because it’s smells so bad
there’s mold on it and
I am never gonna smoke this and I would not
Wish this on my worst enemy. So it’s literally just been sitting in a jar in my house for months and
Now I know what to do with it. Let’s test it and see
Just how shitty this because I have all the state bud and obviously it’s gonna be you know, all high grade stuff
But this shit
What is this gonna be? I don’t even know so
Let’s give it a go. Shall we test for?
the grade first to see if it’s a high grade or
I’m like so excited
So I feel like I need to get into better lighting
Okay, so I just took it into some better lighting to get some better pictures
Because you don’t need this thing
For testing the grade, so it’s kind of hard to get a quality picture
But I did get some quality pictures and it came out like this
medium bud
Just medium
I would probably call this low grade but it says this bud has a medium potency
taste potential
Potential but not
Good yet, so this will be going back in the jar
Which I think we’ve decided now to throw in the trash because we just opened it for the first time in a really long time
It smells so bad
Get this away from me
Nick: test the THC
Okay, so now I’m going to test the THC
Three so, let’s see how much THC is in this
17% That’s actually not too bad. It does look pretty dank up close. I’m just pretty sure it was not cured
correctly and
And I will probably throw that out later tonight
Nick: It literally smells like fucking balls
Nick: Like gross as fuck
You wish your balls smelled like — (laughter) just kidding
Okay, so I’m going to test the THC of a one more strain
Which is this wedding cake of these?
most of these strains are from Green Mountain cannabis club that one moldy strand. I just
Did that’s from some random lady
The cookie is the GMO sexual chocolate and this wedding cake are from Green Mountain cannabis
In case you were wondering it has one last bud for THC
Starting now
Let’s see what it says Oh 25% C HC
That’s dang this is the one that I don’t know if you guys saw my
Instagram the other day and like ripped it open and it was like super purple on the inside
That’s this
I’m gonna go smoke some of this now
Do you for coming to watch this video?
Thank you to high grade for this cool tester kit and I would definitely recommend using this
I’m having so much fun with this already already know I’m gonna be spending the next two my night which is
Testing all of the lead I have in this house
This app is obviously really cool for anybody who just wants to see what’s in their weed
And for anybody who’s growing weed it can do some helpful tips, but for now
cheers fam much love
You you

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