Grow Cannabis Indoors Guide Want This For Free?

It�s finally time to start growing in our
tent, and a friend showed us a way to accelerate
the time it takes our seeds to pop out of
the soil!
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We haven�t had the opportunity to use our
grow tent yet, and it is finally time to get
it going!
We are going to be starting with a few cannabis
seeds, and will also be starting all of our
garden veggies in there this year as well.
The first plants that we will be starting
are the cannabis seeds, and a good friend
told us his process for starting seeds that
we decided to try.
We are not saying that this is the only way
to start seeds, or even the best way.
This is just the way that we tried to do it
this time, as it sounded interesting.
With that said, on to the information!
The first thing to do is get the liquid for
this process ready.
You want to mix even parts of water and 3%
hydrogen peroxide.
This mix helps to increase seed germination
rates by softening the husk and increasing
oxygen uptake in the plants.
The vessel you use for the liquid doesn�t
really matter, our friend uses shot glasses,
we use tiny canning jars.
It doesn�t have to be exact, just get the
ratio pretty close.
We are going to try starting four seeds, two
of each strain, and see what happens.
Once the containers are set up with the water
and hydrogen peroxide mixture, we added in
a few drops of Zeus Juice which is part of
the Nectar For The Gods nutrient line.
This also helps to soften the shell and provides
some nutrients for the first stages of the
plants life.
After that, its time to drop the seeds into
the liquid, one container for each, and then
cover them with saran wrap and a hair tie.
This will help to keep any contaminants out
of the liquid along with our cats if they
happen to get up on that counter.
All that the seeds need now is a little time,
and a little warmth.
We have a seedling heating matt set up on
the counter, with the seeds on a cooling rack
above the pad.
We don�t want to put them directly on the
pad, that would get too hot, but having them
just above it keeps them right at 75 degrees,
which is a great temperature for germination.
We are now going to leave them there for around
24 hours, though if we were to do this again
we would stick closer to twelve hours, and
we will get to the reason for that in a minute.
Here we are, 24 hours later.
Looking at the seeds, you can see that two
of them look great, ready to be put into the
The other two however had jumped the gun a
They had both popped out a tap root, and while
it is hard to see it in the picture, they
have nearly completely split their seeds.
It is possible to get them planted and still
have them come up, but we will just have to
see what happens.
We already have our four in pots set up.
We used some of the Roots Organics Micro-Greens
potting soil as our base.
You want to get the soil nice and damp, but
not waterlogged, and then poke a hole about
a quarter of an inch into the dirt.
This is where you will put the seeds.
Grab each seed carefully with a pair of tweezers,
and place it point down into the hole.
Yes, each cannabis seed has a pointy and a
flat end.
Once you have it in there point down, carefully
cover it with soil and set it aside.
We then did the same thing for the three other
After that give them a good spray with a water
bottle to keep the moisture up, cover them
with saran wrap and then secure it to the
pot, we used some rubber bands.
The saran wrap keeps the moisture in, and
the cats out yet again.
We put them back over the heat mat, and left
them alone for the next couple days.
36 hours later, the two seeds that had not
popped out a taproot popped up out of the
ground in defiance of the cold outside, and
we were really happy about it!
Unfortunately, the other seeds didn�t make
it, I was either too rough handling them,
or something else went wrong as neither of
them popped up out of the soil.
We had one more of those seeds however and
went thru the same process with it but only
soaked it for 12 hours, and it worked!
We now have three tiny little cannabis plants
growing in the tent, along with our baby tomatoes
and cilantro seeds.
We loved this method, at least the shortened
Out of the three seeds that we soaked that
did not pop out a taproot, all three were
It seems like it worked out great, and really
seemed to accelerate the germination time
of all three as well.
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