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this ganja doesn’t have any seeds you know
hardly, just virgin herb a man grows
seedless, you know!
virgin herb man, virgin, virgin herb we grow
you know virgin herb?
doesn’t have any seeds!
high grade…right…RIGHT
lick up some high grade and some grabba!
but I don’t like the name of the grabba
because anything a man can just grab anything!
real real
some men just grab everything
Matthew say, how can you get the girl man
I couldn’t set me up on them!
that is the worst thing that ever happened!
somebody set up somebody
only way you could get Mokko that way, brother
unless I go overseas
I still can roll with it
let me see what she says
but the thing is this again
if you have enough money
I’m super, I’m a good boy
I’m a stashy boy, so…
stashy rasta
when you have enough money
then you can roll
when the empress has enough money you can roll
in a stashy vehicle
ya man!
that’s why…
you have to take care of some girls
I don’t know..
babylon is there in her you know
yeah Babylon in there man
this grabba?
it came from in the Morant Bay market there
yes sir
the white man said he’d buy it come give it to me for two hundred bucks
changed to a lie you know
yeah yeah!
no no
ital ital, straight!
you see, if you put the whole of this…
…in there, you could spit out all blood to rasclaat
coughing up blood in your spit!
Rasta doesn’t want that
Rasta puts a little piece to taste up the thing!
to spice up the thing!
build up the vibes!
ya man!
it doesn’t matter
we’re going to make a video out of this
how much is a big bag?
of the high grade? well this here now…
this can cost about a grand
then this….this big pretty bud here
yeah about a thousand dollars for it
thousand Jamaican
this can make more than one spliff you know man
terrible herb there
mountain herb
well this….this can be…
I’ll say two grand
people will say ohh ganja
Oh I’m going there, it’s legal here!
finally…see it there now?
who doesn’t want ganja
must say…fk..
that amount of ganja Mokko has in front of him
and rolling up a spliff here now
with a Rizla and everything hot
…run video straight twenty four seven
any paper, doesn’t matter
I like the thin ones
the thinner Rizlas
but there isn’t any grabba in there
I put it aside
I made that spliff last night
and I drank the Campari there grabba in there
fk’d it up, fk off with this thing fk’n thing right now
right here yo
that’s why it’s uyp there
I’m going to fk it up here now still
It’s legal here…
but it will probably make things worse
probably a whole heap of mad men…
some people can’t take ganja you know!
it’s true they talk about it being legal
you see it at the bank, you see it everywhere…
guys have it in their ears, in their mouth…
true they say its legal, man carrying it their ears
ya man!
everywhere you go out on the street man
everywhere you’re going to see guys with their ganja out brethren
everwhere you’ll see men with their big ganja spliff
no police will trouble you for it
in Jamaica again
yes I say, man!
you’re a white man you can go to Morant Bay and smoke it
on the street, they won’t trouble you again
they won’t trouble you if you smoke ganja again
only if you have a whole big pile
like….two ounces
two ounce or three ounce illegal if you carry it
two ounce, three ounce
legal to have it on you, to smoke, anywhere you’re going
if they catch you with more than that you’re fk’d
I burn it anywhere, first time
but now….nobody knows if I smoke herb either
I don’t smoke..
I don’t smoke bro
I don’t smoke, man
big bag of herb
I go right there, because it looks like the ganja is legal there
a big bud…
light up the spliff
you see last night
when I asked about the lighter lighter big light….yo
so, I saw a plastic bag here
so that time, I heard something fall out of my pocket but I didn’t pay it no mind
see after, I came back
and looked under my light
this is the fking green lighter I saw right here…!
yeah man!
I heard when something fell out but…
rubber that, fk that

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  1. See if you put di whole like dis (grabba) you could ai spit blood to rasclotπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£