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Budtender wisdom for cannabis consumers
with Periodic edibles and MindRite.
If you had a new consumer come in, what’s like the
first thing you tell them or go over
with them that’s really important to
I will say that they’re made with distillate, which can be a little bit of a turn-off.
For some people who are scared of edibles,
that’s a turn-on, because
it’s not as hard of a hitter. But for people who have built up a tolerance,
I like to suggest full spectrum because um
you just get better effects,
closer experience to smoking flower
Yeah, so that dose is really important (yeah) for a new consumer (absolutely) where each piece
is five milligrams
so a lot easier to get that lower –
do you always tell them to start with five?
Yeah, I would say just eat half of one of those
two and a half, and then we like 45
minutes (yeah) because cannabis, cannabis affects
all of us so differently.
Mh-hmm, have you noticed consumers, when they
come back after trying an edible, is it
normally like 5 milligrams or under or
do some go up to like 10 even?
I think a lot of
people build up a tolerance to edibles
really quickly (yeah) so yeah, I think I see a
lot of people jump from 5 to 10 pretty
quickly and then when they come back I
usually suggest that they buy two
different edibles and then kind of
ping-pong back between those two so that
you don’t build up a tolerance so quickly. Two,
three, maybe even four things.
What’s been – have you gotten a story where
someone took too much of an edible? Like
coming back like I tried that and it was…
Yeah, well actually somebody came in from
Washington the other day and I guess
their dose – well, all states are different and
their dosing is a lot different (yeah) and
she was used to taking ten milligrams at
once and didn’t realize that it was 50
and ate the whole thing and she was like
you know I use pretty regularly but that
was definitely a hard hitter and so that
was some good market research for us, I
think, to be like okay so you’re a
regular user even like at 50 milligrams
is a hard hitter, for sure.
Yeah and some people I think they think it’s one,
so it must be a single serving,
Yeah, you really gotta look at the package.
For sure
Yeah. Most new consumers kind of go
towards edibles? Or is there other
products or like other things they look for?
It depends on the person. Um, I would say, most people
that I’ve noticed
either they’re cartridge people, they’re edible
people, they’re dabbers, or you know flower
and a lot of people stick to that. I
myself and I think a lot of people in
this industry and that I know of
will do it all, because we just like to you know
taste everything but a lot of people are
loyal to their way of consumption, that’s
why it’s really exciting when someone
comes in and they’re open to trying
something new.
Yeah – kinda like what fits into their lifestyle (exactly)
or how they wanna use it
(exactly) and then they kinda build like a habit
you’re familiar with this – because it’s so different
from smoking to edible to (yeah) other
things (yeah)

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