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They say that weed makes you more creative,
which is true if we’re talking about inventing
an oreo-banana-skittle sandwich.
Hello someone who isn’t me, Jules here for
Drugs are a mixed dime bag.
On the one hand, they get you high.
On the other hand, they come with a bottomless
list of side effects.
From heroin to coffee, drugs are drugs because
they change something about you, whether it
be your level of pain, your mood, your decision
making skills, and so on.
But one of the big effects commonly associated
with various drugs, like marijuana or alcohol,
is that they make you more creative.
Stoners are quick to point out that even though
they might be too couch-locked to actually
pick up a paintbrush, they feel much more
creative when they’re high.
And a similar idea follows the consumption
of alcohol; Winston Churchill and others like
Mark Twain and Beethoven have espoused the
idea that it’s important to get drunk before
embarking on anything creative.
Clearly, Churchill, Twain, and Beethoven have
proved their aptitude for creativity, so does
that prove them right?
Well, interestingly, it might.
In 2004, a study at the University of Colorado
found that about 15% of Caucasians carried
a genetic variant that changed the way they
responded to alcohol when compared to the
rest of the population.
This so-called “Churchill gene” made them
react more strongly in mood and behavior.
Those with the gene reported feeling happiness
and elation after taking a shot of alcohol.
Sorry, let me clarify: participants were literally
injected with alcohol so that absorption rates
were consistent.
Don’t try that at home.
Anyway, this shot was followed by a period
of relaxation and creativity.
In those without the gene, this creativity
was not as amplified, and on an aside, those
with the Churchill gene were much more likely
to end up with alcohol problems, like alcoholism.
But for those with and without the Churchill
gene, being drunk can make you FEEL more creative,
even if you aren’t.
That’s because alcohol inhibits brain activity,
which can lower judgement of your own creative
So, you might feel like a genius in the moment,
but in the morning, you’ll probably be disappointed.
And hungover.
Now, there is some evidence to show that a
small amount of alcohol can promote creative
In 2012 a study was published by the University
of Chicago, wherein participants had a blood
alcohol level of .075, which in the United
States, is just shy of the .08 that is considered
legally drunk.
They were asked to find word pairs based on
three given words.
So, given “arm” “peach” and “tar”,
a correct answer would be something like “pit”,
creating arm pit, peach pit, and tar pit.
When compared to their sober counterparts,
the drunk group was able to think of more
answers, faster answers, and more insightful
So that’s alcohol, but how about Ganja?
The Devil’s Lettuce?
What about weed?
Just based on the hundreds of different names
for it, it MUST make you more creative right?
Well, a study from The Netherlands attempted
to classify “creativity” as divergent
thinking — the ability to brainstorm, think
flexibly, and come up with new solutions to
In this case, participants were given two
objects (like a shoe and a pen) and asked
to come up with new uses for them.
Using this criteria, they found that when
participants inhaled a low dose of cannabis
there was almost no effect on creativity.
When they took high doses, researchers found
that their creativity actually plummeted.
But perhaps more interestingly, instead of
being linked to actual drug use, creativity
seems to be linked to expected drug use.
Another study found that when participants
were tricked into thinking they’d eaten
a marijuana laced biscuit, they showed more
creativity than participants who hadn’t
eaten any biscuits at all.
Unsurprisingly, the placebo effect still works.
So depending on your definition of creativity,
having a beer or two could make you a little
more creative, Churchill gene or not.
And for you potheads out there: you’re only
more creative because you think you are.
And if you’re high enough, that last sentence
should keep you busy for the next seven hours,
or however many minutes that is.
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And for all you potheads out there, you might’ve
heard that marijuana is stronger now than
it used to be decades ago.
But why is that?
Find out in this video.
THC is also the thing that gives marijuana,
well, its high and euphoric feeling.
Basically, the more THC the pot has, the stronger
the high.
Potency has been monitored for about 40 years,
but the rumor is lately, that today’s pot
boasts more THC than in prior years.
So what do you think?
Are there other drugs that might boost creativity?
Let us know down below in the comments and
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