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hi everybody happy 420! It’s Cannabis Day
that’s my mom, that’s Bev and we’re back
talk about cannabis. Is my mom a cannabis
smoker? No ,we just thought… (not yet)
Let’s talk about cannabis. Mom what does the word
cannabis mean to you? Cannabis means
Marijuana. Great what are some other names
for marijuana that you know? That I know
okay I’m a little embarrassed by them
but pot… Pot. Weed…Weed. Reefer.. Reefer? That’s it. What are some
of the ways that you can take cannabis
and put it in your body? You can well,
you can rub it on you with oil it will
immerse. I like that’s the first one you
thought of, I like rub it on you as oil
you can ingest it in food or people
bake it in brownies. Right what’s
what is the downfall?
The calories, the sugar, you have to eat
them. Right. What’s the most common way
that people ingest marijuana? They smoke
it. Very good. How do they smoke it? But
that would be more recreational. How do
they recreationally smoke it? In a joint
sometimes people use pipes. They do? For
marijuana? I mean, not like a corncob pipe. Okay!
when I say marijuana pipe does that mean
anything to you? Not at all nothing okay
well see how about a bong? Do you know
what a bong is… it’s not a drum but
it’s not part of a drum… That’s a bongo you
You blow into it? Seems familiar now… Nope
Don’t inhale! That was Clinton he
didn’t inhale with that woman… Okay!! Offscreen: “Chad,
you are not using any of that footage!”
Or you’re using all of this footage. What do you
think are some of the things that happen
to you when you ingest marijuana? They
get hungry. O
Oh okay you know that’s
called? Munchies. Very good. Might get
tired. You know what that’s called? Tired yeah. They might get grandiose
Maybe not? Maybe it’s the people I’m hanging
out with. Ya. Do people get violent when
they smoke marijuana? I think they
could, I mean if somebody smoking
marijuana and they have a pre-existing
condition of a mental ailment yeah they
could get violent… no that’s not
medically sound? Feels so right. How long
do you think humans have been using
cannabis either recreationally or
medicinal? I mean it started in China so
long ago. When when do you think
when do you remember marijuana becoming
more part of normal culture?
Vietnam. The Vietnam War yes Vietnam War
and Sergeant Pepper is known as one of
the albums that really shifted a lot of
people consciousness and goosebumps
right there. From sergeant pepper?
were you in the sh*t, mom?
Is that what it’s called? There’s a lot of
interest in in cannabis now in the
legalization of marijuana for the
treatment of a lot of different medical
condition. Do you know some of the
medical conditions that people use
cannabis to treat? Chemo treatments, right can stimulate appetite
which is
what do we call that again?
Stimulating appetite? When you’re hungry…
Munchies? I like when you say that. Yeah say that again!
Munchieeees. I could do a commercial for marijuana. No.
What if someone’s depressed or anxious
is that something that people get…? I’m not
happy with that. All right, Bev and I did
not just i figure that out. I can lead
you down the path but I don’t want
people especially elderly people
thinking they can just mask their
emotional pain and depression by smoking
marijuana, I mean I don’t know maybe it’s
good they’ll feel happy I don’t know
well I don’t know that we could do
better than that have a great 4/20
however you’re spending it. Be
responsible don’t be depressed but don’t
be too not depressed say Bev. Don’t be
masking it. Don’t be masking it. Peace. Oh.

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13 thoughts to How To Grow Cannabis Outdoors In Containers Want This For Free? At 21:30

  1. Been smoking pot for donnow 6 years and been fighting with depression for a looooong time…

    I realy dont advise to do the same (not been smoking for 5 days youhouuu (tryin to quit))

    I think it could be GREAT for a short period of time donnow if you are feeling down after a divorce or a loss…. But DEFINITLY dont advise it for chronic depression…

    LOOOOOOOOVE your channel it is amazing πŸ˜› (Love your work in TBBT btw)
    Love from france (pardon my english :P)

  2. Please tell your mom & anyone listening that cannabis doesn't help anxiety & depression by masking it. It helps anxiety and depression by naturally stimulating the production of neurotransmitters that most people are deficient in this day & age. In stimulating the production of neurotransmitters naturally, the person is able to have the thoughts they need to have in order to access and then completely process the root cause of the anxiety or depression, and uproot it, thereby genuinely removing the anxiety and depression. Cannaibs is not like pharmaceuticals which DO mask anxiety and depression, by only alleviating the symptoms. Cannabis, on the other hand, actually cures the anxiety and depression on a holistic level.

  3. Actually, her mom was right, people with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, to name the most wellknown, may suffer from a psychotic break do to the overuse of cannabis. It is not so common but it can happen, speaking from experience.

  4. Mayims mom. Is so cute! I could have NEVER talked with my mom. I am 69, my mom would have been 90+ had she lived til now. I was a child of the 60s, very involved with ppt back then, in my 20s. My mom called marijuana "that stuff" wouldn't talk about it when my little brother was using.