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– My name is Andrew.
And this is my grandma of my
whole entire life, grandma.
And her name is Helen.
– Helen.
– Grandma, have you ever
smoked marijuana before?
– No, I have not, and I, I have not.
– Wow, that’s a shock
cause like you’re like
from the era where it’s around.
– Yes, it was around
and I grew up in the country
and the teachers would say,
“Now if you see strange
“cars outside, please stay away from ’em
“cause we don’t know
what they’re selling.”
And I really don’t wanna get sick.
– You won’t get sick.
You have water, you have me.
– I have you, well that’s a lot of help.
– There’s also a helper here to help
in case something happens to you.
– [Cameraman] Are you guys ready to smoke?
– Yeah.
– [Cameraman] There’s
something behind you,
you wanna grab it?
– Oh, look at this, I
wanna buy one of these.
Okay, so …
– Oh, this goes in here.
– This goes in there, it’s like,
it looks like, it’s like …
– It’s kinda like my garden.
– I know.
I’m gonna just scrunch it up.
– Here, here’s a piece,
I’m a good scruncher.
– I know you are a good scruncher.
– How do you, there you go.
– There we go.
– Okay, now it’s going.
Oh, and the water is just rolling.
Why’d he take it off?
– I don’t smoke weed, you can tell.
Wow, that makes you like, “Woohoo.”
Okay, so, do you know how to um …
– Huff.
– No, do you know how to do this?
– Of course not, how would
I know how to do this?
– You just, you just, so do we light
it for you and you do it?
– It’s burning.
– Do you wanna a puff, puff?
Wow, I don’t smoke at all.
I drink more than I smoke
and I have friends who
use marijuana a lot.
– I have acquaintances that do.
– You look so awesome right now.
(clock ticking)
– My father smoked all the time.
– Yeah, that is true.
– He rolled his own ciggies.
– I never met your dad.
– No, he didn’t.
– I met your mom though.
– She didn’t smoke.
– She didn’t like me though as a kid.
– Well, you were a wild man.
(clock ticking)
Here have another puff.
– I should do just like
one light one cause …
– I don’t know if it’s burning anymore.
– Fun fact, you can’t die of smoking weed.
Everyone says they do
but that’s, oh really.
Oh my gosh.
Fucking do this, like not puke again.
– Well just don’t burn yourself.
(clock ticking)
– Grandma.
– What?
– What drugs did you experiment
with when you were a child?
– I was too busy working on the farm.
– You just say that.
– And we didn’t have any drugs.
I was very straight laced
and very hard working.
We didn’t play much when we were young.
– My grandma like legit
worked her ass off her whole,
like her whole kid life, like she …
– We didn’t work that hard, we were kids.
– You were on a farm.
– Yeah, well it was fun.
I had a horse.
(clock ticking)
What do you do with this?
– Inhale.
– From here?
– [Cameraman] Yeah.
– Like nope, like, not that way.
Not that way, you wanna,
no you wanna do like.
One, two, three, good job.
– I saw it bubble.
– Yeah, that’s good.
– Now you guys are rolling.
– Head’s now like, “Hey,
welcome to the party.”
(clock ticking)
So I have massive ADD and
ADHD, as you know this.
You know this right?
– Yes I do know this right.
So, now you’re quite relaxed
though so you don’t have to worry.
– I’m like relax …
– Relax, relax.
You know when you reach
my age, relaxing is easy.
– Oh yeah, cause all you do
is just garden and just …
– No I read, I read a lot.
– Oh God, you read naughty books though.
She literally has legit has
a like a naughty like …
You know the books you see
in the grocery store like
with the guy that’s …
– Oh, I don’t read those.
Yes you do, you know you do.
(clock ticking)
Excuse me.
– Well, Andrew.
– I had a little beer, okay?
– Have a pop, have some
nuts or have a popcorn.
– I need to have some nuts, oh
popcorn sounds good actually.
There’s Costco popcorn?
(clock ticking)
Have you ever watched
pornography, grandma?
– Yup, yup, my neighbor used to put
the sheets up on the wall and …
– Are you fucking kidding me?
– And he’d order the, I
don’t know where he got ’em.
And he, his wife and I would
sit there and we’d watch it.
– His wife, his wife and you would watch.
– I didn’t tell grandpa.
– What the fuck?
– Oh, don’t you wish you didn’t know
see once you know what happens
to people you have to think about it.
(clock ticking)
My hands are cold.
– Her, my grandma has bad circulation.
– Oh, here let me see if you’re …
– God damn.
– You can still feel my hand.
– Oh, I can still feel the damn hand, God.
(clock ticking)
– You were feeling pretty
good when you got here.
– No, I was excited when I got here.
Now I’m more like, “Hey.”
– Good, that’s good to know
because you have to go home.
– And so do you.
– Yeah, but I’m watching
a dirty movie tonight.
– Of course you are, dirty old lady.
I’m gonna try this again,
you’re looking cool aren’t ya?
– I’m trying to think, I’m
trying to think what I’m doing.
– My grandma smoked legit
a whole frickin’ blunt.
I, this is, like this is amazing.
– Why? You just didn’t
know me when I was young.
– Yeah, I didn’t obviously
cause grandma’s super cool.
(upbeat dance music)

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