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today and the cannabis headline news we
begin with shocking audio of the
president threatening to come down quote
very very hard on the drug program a
drug problem in America in activist
agenda we hear from pylos Biosciences
nishan Kasich on cannabis naming in drug
war data mining we’ll take a look at the
ACLU report on New Jersey marijuana
arrests and in pot in public policy we
talked about the Jeff Sessions Russia
scandal and how that might impact his
wish to crackdown on marijuana as
evidenced by a recent letter to
congressional leaders john hew dak from
the Brookings Institute will be
discussing that with us and then at the
end of the show time for our weekend
reefer rock review where herb Thrasher
from the herb Thresh or flower hour on
4/20 radio comes into the studio and
tells us all about the Maryland doom
festival coming up soon some great
stoner rock bands appearing there that’s
all coming up today plus our toos toker
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cannabis headline news for Friday June
16 2017 president Trump speaking at the
signing of an executive order about jobs
signaled his administration will be
cracking down on drugs the president at
the very close of his speech said but as
we train the next generation of
Americans to do their jobs all of us
here today have to do our jobs we have
to join forces join hands and join
together to restore the American Dream
for all of our people and one of the
parts of the American Dream is we’re
going to come down very very hard and we
already have you seen what’s going on on
the border on this massive drug problem
that we have in the United States and
frankly that other countries have also
and we’re coming down very very hard on
it and if we don’t
it’s called shame on us Keagan Hamilton
advice news reports that Roger stone a
longtime trump friend and Ally who’s a
prominent figure in the ongoing
investigation into Russian interference
in the 2016 election has formed the
United States cannabis coalition a new
political organization whose stated
purpose is to quote Lobby the Trump
administration from the top on down to
recognize the medicinal value in
potential of cannabis Trump said on the
can on the campaign trail that he thinks
marijuana quote should be a state issue
and stone told vice news his quote first
and foremost goal is to urge the
President to keep his pledge and direct
the Justice Department to reflect the
views he stated in the campaign end
Stoughton filed paperwork with the IRS
on Tuesday to formally create the United
States cannabis coalition it’s
registered as a political
organization with 527 status the same
tax-exempt classification used by super
PACs and other groups formed to
influence elections massroots Tom angel
reports that a group of Democratic and
Republican House and Senate lawmakers
introduced comprehensive medical
cannabis legislation on Thursday the
bills titled the compassionate access
research expansion and respect states
act or carers Act would shield medical
marijuana patients and providers who are
following state law from federal
prosecution they would also allow the
Department of Veterans Affairs doctors
to recommend medical cannabis to
military veterans in states where it is
additionally the legislation exempts
cannabidiol or CBD from the Controlled
Substances Act and removes roadblocks
that have stood in the way of robust
research on marijuanas medical benefits
senator Cory Booker Democrat of New
Jersey is the Senate bills lead sponsor
along with Booker the new Senate bill is
sponsored by senators Mike Lee
Republican of Utah Kirsten Gillibrand
Democrat of New York Rand Paul
Republican of Kentucky Al Franken
Democrat of Minnesota and Lisa Murkowski
Republican of Alaska on the house side
initial sponsors are representative
Steve Cohen Democrat of Tennessee and
Don Young Republican of Alaska the new
versions of the legislation do not
include provisions on rescheduling
cannabis and increasing marijuana
businesses access to banks which were
sticking points that had reportedly
prevented more members of Congress from
signing on to earlier bills Vermont
Governor Phil Scott has accepted most of
the changes lawmakers have suggested to
a marijuana legalization bill he vetoed
recently but he wants some additional
amendments before he’ll sign the bill
into law the Vermont press Bureau
reports that Scott said the bill must
include strengthening penalties for
providing or selling marijuana to minors
Scott also wants representatives from
the Department of Public Safety the
Department of Health the Department of
taxes and members of the substance abuse
prevention and treatment community added
to a commission tasked with finding a
THC impairment level and testing
mechanism for drivers among other
Scott has accepted an increased fine of
$200 for a passenger consuming marijuana
in a vehicle but is seeking the
inclusion of a definition for open
container that is contained in
Massachusetts law additionally the
governor is seeking to make consuming
marijuana in a car with a minor present
a misdemeanor criminal offense
marijuana industry news reports that the
Maine Senate voted to approve LD 760 for
a bill that would prevent medical
marijuana patients from being denied
Oregon transplants under the proposed
measure medical marijuana patient status
quote may not be the sole disqualifying
factor in determining the qualifying
patient suitability for receiving an
anatomical gift
end quote this has been your cannabis
headline news for Friday June 16 2017
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[Music]activism begins with half the marijuana
agenda features the stories hard-working
grassroots activists working for an and
to Prohibition in today’s activist
[Music]good day and welcome to activist agenda
I’m Russ Belleville for activist agenda
today we take you back to the Portland
Hempfest Expo to listen to some
highlights of a presentation delivered
by nishan Kasich the chief strategy
officer of Philo’s bioscience based in
Portland Oregon Nisha and delivered a
presentation on cannabis science and
naming we take you to that presentation
now my name is new Sean Kasich from I’m
a co-founder of follows bioscience and
we’re a genomic sequencing company we
specialize on cannabis and so we started
the company realizing that we needed to
bring science to the industry seem to be
lacking so we we realized that this is
what the industry looked like at that
point this is about 2014 you know
there’s general labels and cannabis in
it maybe it makes sense that it really
is that maybe it doesn’t we were
inspired by this article in The New York
Times the the guy in it went to a
dispensary bought something he really
liked and then he went back I think he
first went to another dispensary and
tried to buy that same variety and
didn’t find the same thing that he
bought before so he goes back to the
original dispensary trying to buy the
same thing and again doesn’t buy that
variety because all the people are
really selling is a name so so the
co-founder is a of – Mowgli Holmes who’s
a geneticist and one of his professors
robbed a sow he called up who is really
a cool guy and he figured that maybe he
might be interested in a project like
this he he called him up and he robbed
us all from the American Museum of
Natural History gave us a little bit of
money to do our first sequencing and so
we collected a bunch of samples in that
initial phase of collection we collected
samples from all over the world from
many different collectors
we I think a couple of months ago we had
samples from 80 different countries by
now it’s more than that
the idea was to look at as you look at
sequencing projects you you want to try
to find out a couple of different things
and there’s some very cool questions
that can be asked but you know what is
the what is the origin how did it travel
we’ve been we’ve been carrying this plan
around with us for 10,000 years and
there’s been many many trading routes so
many you know ship and land and whatnot
so can we see some of that population
changing over time you know as it goes
through Africa to South America and up
or you know what is cannabis Americana
you know some of these questions we’re
really looking to ask and those
questions are possible to be answered
but they’re a little harder to answer
because some of these things are not
they don’t have very good records so or
boria do have good records where they’ve
locked in a date and we’re now just
collecting some of those samples we’re
right now negotiating with China for a
sample that’s 2500 BC this is on the
bottom bottom right there there’s a
about a two pound basket full of
cannabis and based on the chemical
testing in that right now it looks like
that’s a breakdown of actually pretty
decent THC and this this is a grave from
a shaman in in China and some of the
other samples we have are from the 1930s
there’s a collection that went out from
went during Prohibition so someone went
out and shut those all those shops down
and a lot of these samples show similar
outcome data that we are expecting from
today you know PTSD pain sleep opera
Boop’s aphrodesia you know
so our lab right now is our actual
laboratories probably twice this size we
just had to hire a bunch more people and
buy more equipment and whatnot so a
little bit about DNA I’m sure you guys
all know about DNA it’s in every cell
it’s in a chromosome and those sequences
are instructions for the plant to do
specific tasks so it’s in every organism
and it’s a source code but it can tell
us a couple of different kinds of pieces
of information the traits you know how
much CBD how internodal length the yield
sizes all of those kinds of things it
can tell us about the ancestry so your
heritage where did you come from and it
also talks about us as individuals and
and can identify us as individuals so we
we we decided to come up with a bunch of
different products for the company and
one of them is tools for breeders which
in fact actually takes the longest to
develop because you need to do a lot of
plant sequencing but the first one we
focused on was a plant sex test and that
basically just tells the sex of a plant
within seven days and you don’t even
have to remove it out of the proper
trays you can basically take it from the
cotyledon leaf it’s the only legal sex
test right now because the cotyledon
leaf has no trichome production so
trichomes any amount of THC is illegal
to cross state lines we we also have a
genotype test which is an identity test
sorry about that so we have a
okay so I’m terribly sorry to interrupt
your flow because this is an awesome
presentation I just need to give
everybody a little bit off date if
they’re looking at the schedule today is
being extremely strict it may not have
been quite as strict as I intended on
Edie we’ll be starting here in a little
while after Nissan’s presentation for
FiOS is done and for people that were
interested in the other scheduled
presentation at two o’clock we’re going
to be starting that up in the a/v room
which is out front and immediately to
the left it’s room 101 and that will be
with Megan Swart and Trista opal and now
I return you to your regularly scheduled
content so so this is a this is the
plant sex test I’m going to go through
this really quickly and we you know we
they’re they’re a kit and you buy it you
smash a cotyledon leaf on a piece of
paper you send it in and 48 hours after
we receive it you get your results back
that says it’s a male and a female a lot
of times people ask us they don’t
believe that we can do that what we look
for is a y-chromosome and a reference
cannabis sequence and so we just measure
as you can see maybe not so well but on
this little amplification plot we look
for the y chromosome and we look for the
cannabis reference if it has the Y
chromosome and the canvas reference we
can call it a male if it just has the
cannabis reference it’s a female we do
not call hermaphrodites because they’re
oftentimes invent environmentally
determined at this point we don’t know
what the actual marker is it’s a it’s a
variable that is grower often times
grower or Environment induced we our
largest set of we’ve we’ve done up to
18,000 sex tests at one time all the way
down to four four is on one card our
identity test is
we looked at it and our actual name is
Philo’s which is based on a phylogenetic
tree and we we sequenced our first run
in our first collection and we did it as
a as a phylogenetic tree thinking that
was robbed us all his expertise is in
phylogenetic trees and we went that
route and this is what an evolutionary
tree looks like you know mom dad
children crossing you know all of that
and we think of it in the way that we
think about humans our mom and our dad
children those children have some you
know wife’s husbands then have children
from that but in cannabis and plants it
gets a lot more complicated because we
do inbreeding and we do back crossing
and up crossing and and so when you look
at this it gets really ugly really
really quick and so pretty quickly we
realized that evolutionary tree wouldn’t
work for looking at you know how things
are related in cannabis so then we
looked at Network relationships this is
from wine and sort of how these plants
are crossed and related but again this
is there’s no spatial information here
and there’s these nice lines that say
this came from this that came from that
and so we looked at that we we also
looked at some of these relationship
networks to see how you know and this is
a stated one from seed finder I think
but this is all this information is just
stated information so I took a X plant
and crossed with a Y plan and I got a Z
plant and the only thing that I really
know is Z plant because I named it most
of the time we don’t know what we
actually have in fact when we’ve
sequenced varieties of whole farms we
find a significant amount of
replications people have the same plant
name different things or they just don’t
have that what they think they have so
we also then looked at relationship
clustering to see if that would work you
know and this sort of puts them in
in a scatterplot and that looks pretty
interesting in terms of genetic
information we also then looked at like
a 23andme to look at heritage and see
how much of your heritage is made up
from different clusters of known
sequences and what we came up with and
if you’re not familiar with it we have a
relationship through dimensional
relationship map that has sequenced and
it’s all it’s available to everybody to
go on the web and look at this it’s
galaxy dot follows BioSense comm or you
can just search farthest galaxy and and
basically we put samples that are
similar or the same thing really close
together and those that are less similar
more further apart and the lines
indicate a primary relationship so a
sibling or a parent child relationship
and that sample that just went across
was called gal whatever 305 or something
and that really says that we have
multiple samples as one plant and
they’re all different names so we can’t
be the the experts to know what name it
actually is it’s all up to you guys this
is an open source project and that we
want everybody to participate and so if
you look in you know a CDC cluster
that’s pretty well known there’s a few
people that call it’s our tzunami or
something else but most people really
think that that’s a CDC and Harlequin
and og cush is a different example where
there’s Larry’s og og cush xxx miyagi
all kinds of names from the same cut in
the same plant and I think that that’s
because it’s underground and and people
are trying to brand that phenotype their
way of growing so a phenotype is a
effect of the environment on a genotype
and a genotype is a plant and so you
know the naming problem is is a bit of a
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[Music]promoting the end of adult cannabis
prohibition is easy because we have
facts science reason compassion evidence
truth and logic on our side it’s even
easier when researchers catalog it all
for us learn how to gather the facts on
marijuana use arrests seizures rehab
drug tests and more on this edition of
drug war data mining the American Civil
Liberties Union of New Jersey has
released a new report called unequal and
unfair New Jersey’s war on marijuana
users the report states New Jersey’s
marijuana laws are failing us law
enforcement has unsuccessfully tried for
more than 80 years to arrest marijuana
use out of existence but support for
making it legal is greater than it’s
ever been
each year New Jersey police make
increasingly more marijuana possession
arrests yet the state has little to show
for it
prohibition has failed it’s time for
common sense New Jersey’s arrest
practices for marijuana possession
illustrate the failure of marijuana
enforcement they have a devastating
impact of aggressive costly racially
disparate punishment for use of a drug
that for adults is less dangerous than
alcohol for the first time ever the
analysis in this report takes a deep
dive in in New Jersey’s marijuana
possession arrest practices what it
finds is deeply troubling New Jersey is
making more arrests for marijuana
possession than ever in a manner that is
more racially disparate than ever indeed
our marijuana arrest problem is getting
worse not better
these are the key findings New Jersey is
making more arrests for marijuana
possession than ever before in 2013 New
Jersey law enforcement made 24 thousand
and 67 marijuana possession arrests 26%
more than in 2000 when police made 19
thousand six hundred seven arrests
between 2000 and 2013 New Jersey police
made nearly two hundred and eighty
thousand total marijuana possession
arrests police make a marijuana
possession arrest in New Jersey on
average every 22 minutes this plays out
with varying frequency across the state
Cape May was the county with the highest
per capita arrest rate in 2013 and the
28th legislative district represented by
i senator ron rice and assembly members
ralph caputo and cleopatra tucker was
the district of the highest per capita
arrest rate that year seaside park in
Ocean County had the highest per capita
arrest rate of any community in the
state racial disparities in New Jersey
marijuana arrests are at an all-time
the racial disparity and marijuana
possession arrests reached an all-time
high in 2013 that year black New
Jerseyans were more than three times
likely to be arrested for marijuana
possession than whites
despite similar usage rates in 2000
blacks were 2.2 times more likely to be
arrested than whites which means they’ve
had an increase of 34 percent in 2013
blacks were eleven point three times
more likely to be arrested than whites
in the 21st legislative district and in
Point Pleasant Beach blacks were
thirty-one point eight times more likely
to be arrested for marijuana possession
than whites
in 2013 the highest racial disparity of
any municipality included in the study
New Jersey waste more than 143 million
dollars per year to enforce our
marijuana possession arrests adding up
the cost to police courts and
corrections New Jersey expends
tremendous resources to implement
enforce marijuana possession prohibition
indeed throughout the past decade New
Jersey has spent more than 1 billion
dollars to enforce these laws 9 out of
10 marijuana arrests are of users not
dealers in 2013 marijuana possession
arrests made up 88 percent of total
marijuana arrests statewide in other
words nearly 9 out of 10 arrests made
from marijuana were not of dealers or
kingpins but rather New Jerseyans who
possess the lowest amount counted by New
Jersey law these findings are
particularly troubling when one
understands the potential collateral of
jail loss of job criminal record for at
least three years driver’s license
suspension up to twelve hundred fifty
five dollars in fines and fees and
potential consequences for one’s
immigration status financial aid
eligibility access to public housing and
ability to adopt children
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with Russ Belleville
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[Music]this is pot in public policy as
marijuana legislation continues
throughout the United States it becomes
less of an issue of if and when and more
of an issue of how the laws and
regulations are practiced today we learn
more about the administration and
bureaucracy behind ending adult cannabis
prohibition with another expert from the
world of pot and public policy
welcome to pot in public policy I’m Russ
Belleville joining us today on the
program we have John hew dak he’s a
senior fellow for governance studies and
the deputy director the Center for
effective public management at the
Brookings Institute John welcome to the
thanks for having me back with marijuana
reform taking such a prominent Lev
gaining such attention at state level
it’s interesting to watch how the
federal government is reacting to the
states and we have a number of
congressmen who are working to reform
federal laws to help the states that
have passed these marijuana reforms you
tell our listeners a little bit about
what’s happening at the federal level
with respect to marijuana issues I think
for people in the marijuana advocacy
community this new Congress is an
exciting time and it end offers an
exciting space and and here’s why I’m
not going to say that all of the
challenges facing the marijuana industry
or all of the wants and needs of the
marijuana advocacy community are going
to be achieved or delivered by this
Congress in fact I would venture to
guess that
probably none of them will be but
there’s been a real change in tone in
this con Congress and that’s the first
step toward federal level meaningful
federal level policy change what you’re
seeing is that in the wake of really
divisive partisanship and investigations
into the president and criticisms of
members of Congress on both sides of the
aisle you’re seeing marijuana pokes
through is something that people are
very eager to unite around and it ends
up being in some ways a safe space that
cuts above this partisan gridlock and
you know we’ve seen this week the there
was a press conference on Capitol Hill
with Tom Garrett a Republican from
Virginia and Tulsi Gabbard a Democrat
from Hawaii coming together two people
who almost certainly don’t vote together
on many things talking about a new bill
that they have called ending federal
marijuana prohibition Act and that is
something that speaks not just to the
nature of their engagement but to the
engagement between many members of
Congress it’s moving into the Senate in
a way that uh I think is starting the
ball rolling toward serious change in
the coming years that’s interesting
because I was going to ask if you
thought the scandals surrounding the
Trump administration with regard to
Russia and everything that’s going on
there might suck all the oxygen out of
the room and make it impossible to move
forward but it sounds as if you’re
saying this is a welcome respite from
all of that for some of our Congress
members I think it really is but I will
caution to say that I do think that the
investigations into the president which
are seemingly getting more complex and
more serious every day will suck the
oxygen out of the room in terms of
passing legislation and so this happens
in Congress is during periods of scandal
whether their congressional scandals or
they are presidential scandals and I
think regardless of your position on
whether the president
has done something very wrong or that
his team has or that you think that this
is drummed up nonsense the reality is
these are serious investigations serious
in the sense that they are ongoing they
are widespread and they are taking a lot
of congressional attention and so that
naturally um does affect the progress
and the capacity and the productivity of
a congress but what we’re finding is
that beyond being able to vote I think
members of Congress are getting to know
each other around these issues and when
you’re a member of Congress in your day
after day just at each other’s throats
with the other side having some issue
any issue whether it’s criminal justice
reform whether it’s marijuana policy
whether it’s veterans issues the opioid
crisis if there’s a place that you can
talk to someone from the other party I
think most of your listeners probably
won’t believe it but members of Congress
actually like that they like having that
in a big way marijuana is that
opportunity interesting and you
mentioned the change of tone up on
Capitol Hill and I saw a tweet coming
across this week where Ben Sasse and
Chuck Schumer two senators were making
some sort of joke about how it looked
like they were smoking reefers in one of
their photographs meanwhile on the other
side of the aisle you get people like
Jeff Sessions and and Governor Chris
Christie attorney General Sessions
Governor Chris Christie who are
seemingly trying to revive the Gateway
theory and the drug policies in the
1980s so to speak a little to that to
the tone and whether the tone is better
on one side of the aisle or the other
you know I think it’s it’s hard to
imagine that there’s a scenario in which
but Democrats don’t just relish the
opportunity to stick it to President
Trump and in many ways they they
certainly do but the magnitude of the
scandals that are going on right now
actually become sickening to members of
Congress on both sides and so in those
situations there’s actually some
real motivation to get away from it and
to talk to each other and to get to know
each other and to talk about something
other than Donald Trump and Russia and
Mike Flynn and the rest and so there’s
this picture from Capitol Hill where
senator sass from Nebraska’s in running
clothes and Chuck Schumer looks like
he’s just coming off the set of the
newest hangover movie his ties undone
his hair is a mess his shirts unbuttoned
and Tom cotton from Arkansas has his
back to the camera and of course he’s
buttoned up like a narc but he it just
it’s a it’s a really silly picture but I
think it speaks to this real desire for
people to break away from it even if
it’s for a few minutes and just you know
shoot the shit about something else and
and then like you said you have the
other side which is a few members of the
administration some number of members of
this administration who are actively
building a time machine back to the
1950s when it comes to drug policy where
the solution to addiction is
criminalization where the gateway theory
is something that hasn’t been disproven
that there’s something about our
criminal justice system that means we
need to fill more prisons and take
opportunities away from more people and
it’s this weird disconnect in Washington
and disconnects in Washington or
certainly nothing new but it is odd when
you look at Congress which is usually so
detached from what the public is
thinking actually doing a lot of things
that the public is is asking for and at
least trying to behave a little more
civilly in you contrast that with an
administration that is new to tat is new
to office and you would think would be
riding on the wave of public sentiment
in many cases doing everything they can
to subvert public sentiment in the
public will one of those subversions of
the public’s will seems to be the
reversal of the holder era memo that
relaxed some of the prosecutorial
standards with regards to manage
minimum sentences and I was a bit taken
aback by the bipartisan condemnation of
that move and even from outside of
politics we had Christian broadcaster
Pat Robertson the former 1980s a
presidential candidate excoriating
attorney-general sessions for this move
did that catch you by surprise the the
the wholesale condemnation it seems um
it did not actually uh and here’s why I
wasn’t surprised because it’s such bad
policy you know most people when they’re
there’s a new policy
you know they fall in line behind what
their party thinks and then there are
policies that are so beyond the pale
that even your partisanship can’t make
you look the other way and this is Jeff
Sessions this isn’t um US Attorney
General Jeff Sessions this is old-timey
Alabama Attorney General Jeff Sessions
at work and this policy is not something
that is thoughtful
um it’s not something that is in line
with what most Americans think it’s
something that’s hateful is something
that’s going to have very serious racial
effects it’s something that both
empowers prosecutors to do things and
then also restricts prosecutors from
doing things and so let me break that
down a little the the Attorney General
is encouraging US attorneys to explore
as much as they can to get to a certain
outcome so that offers some
prosecutorial discretion and
prosecutorial discretion particularly in
the criminal justice system is
oftentimes the capstone of change but
what he also does is he hems in the US
Attorney’s the federal prosecutors by
saying if you deviate from mandatory
minimum sentences from just oppressively
harsh charges and sentencing you have to
explain exactly why and we’re going to
be watching you at every step and so for
these small government conservatives
they certainly look like big government
Big Brother Pro prison
uh-uh I just not even a an ideology or a
party that slap on to the end of that
one and so yeah it’s it’s very alarming
and in terms of the bipartisan
condemnation I think like with Marijuana
Policy it’s one of those things that
people can join hands and agree on and I
mean when you have you know Bernie
Sanders agreeing with the Koch brothers
that gives you an idea of how
devastating this uh
this policy really is and just how bad
like I said at the beginning just how
bad it is it’s just stupid public policy
from a man who doesn’t get it well put
and one last topic to discuss as far as
at the federal level protections for the
states that are engaged in reforming
their marijuana laws we did see the
Rohrabacher bloom in our amendment
included with the federal appropriations
package how long does that protect us
and do you have any updates on I heard
there was a problem with including North
Dakota in that sure so the what is now
the Rohrabacher bloom an hour amendment
which was previously the Rohrabacher far
amendment that Sam Farr has since
retired from Congress was part of the
continuing resolution that was passed
last month that continued funding the US
government through September and so this
is good law the same protections that
were in place last time around this will
continue in place until September except
other states that have since amended
their laws to include to expand medical
marijuana have been included with oddly
the exception of North Dakota because I
haven’t heard exactly why that is but
they were left off the list I do think
that North Dakota if the system got up
and running and federal prosecutors
stepped in and tried to do something
North Dakota would probably have some
sort of claim to say that the
legislative intent was to cover all
and that their exclusion was a mistake
it’s not a solid claim but it could be
one that is made but the reality is
North Dakota just newly legalized
medical marijuana the system is going to
be slow to get started especially with
the governor who’s opposed and this
amendment the Rohrabacher bloom and our
amendment expires in September when the
federal funding the continuing
resolution funding the government
expires and so my guess is in the next
round they’ll fix these things it should
come as a surprise to no one that
members of Congress screw things up once
in a while and I think this was sort of
a basic screw-up all right well that’s
good to hear at John hew daksa senior
fellow at the Brookings Institute
working on governance studies and we
appreciate your expertise here on pot
and public policy thanks for joining us
thanks a lot this episode was produced
as part of the Marijuana agenda with
Russ Belleville The Daily News and
interview podcast covering the world of
medical cannabis adult marijuana
industrial hemp and spiritual gun
MJ vagenda calm
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[Music]as we prepare for the weekend we
remember that the fight wind adult
marijuana prohibition is as much about
culture as it is about criminal justice
music has always been at the forefront
of revolution and the marijuana movement
is no different join us as we visit with
herbs rasher program manager at 4/20
radio morg for this edition of reefer
rock review all right it’s Friday and
that means it’s time for our reefer rock
review we got our trash you’re sitting
in the studio with us how’s it going
herb doing great another great week in
the world of music and reefer almost had
Vermont but not this time frustrating
but we still got music got a lot of
great festivals coming up in the music
season and thought we would talk about
the Maryland doom fest within one month
away from this June 22nd through the
25th it’s going to be in Maryland at
cafe 611 on North Market Street in
Frederick Maryland and one of the things
I’d like to discuss real quick is doom
doom should be a scary word don’t be
afraid of the word doom metal a lot of
times we hear this and we see this and
we go right by it
and this festival is a prime example
because this festival could as well just
be called the Maryland doom
rock-and-roll stoner rock heavy metal
psychedelic rock and roll festival it
could definitely be called something
like that because all the bands that are
there make up all kinds of heavy metal
almost like how many words we have
marijuana pot cannabis yeah I mean we
can keep going and in the world of metal
we have that as well and doom is one of
those words that is almost like
marijuana whoa yeah I can’t say that any
more but a lot of great bands that we
play on 4/20 radio all the time got a
pre pre-show gig on the 22nd starting
off with Valkyrie as the headliner and
then on the 23rd we’ve got captain
beyond and lo pan yeah headliners
remember lo pan
a lot of them and then we’ve got a
headliner on the 24th that a lot of us
in the northwest might know especially
here in Portland had an in-studio bus
you might remember and that is black
pussy on the 24th and then we’ve got the
skull also playing the big hall cafe 611
on the 24th actually black puss will be
at Guido’s speakeasy
we got wolf at all that we’ve got wolf
at on that gig which we also got the
watchers interviewed the Watchers before
so played a lot of these bands and then
on the final night June 25th we’ve got
freedom Hawk the atomic bitch wax a lot
of bands that we play all the time that
define this whole stoner rock rock and
roll heavy metal kind of vibe so things
like this are a great thing to look into
so if you’re over there on the East
Coast next month June 22nd through the
25th the great festival look into is the
marilyn doom fest I know I would be
there in a heartbeat Russ if I could I
wonder how many gamers are gonna show up
there thinking it’s the doom video game
ah there you go and that could be but I
think our doom fans are well in tuned in
this whole music world and they’ll get
it so definitely check out festivals
like this and a lot of festivals of
bringing a lot of great music different
kinds of rock-and-roll music throughout
the summer and we’ll be talking about
that right here on reef rock and also on
the earth thrash flower which you can
listen to on Friday nights on 4/20 radio
at 8 p.m. Pacific live also wanted to
talk about a new album release we’ve got
a in the world of rock nuclear blast
records usually known for their heavy
metal and death metal vibe well this
time they’re releasing from the band the
night flight Orchestra and the album is
called amber galactic and it has 10
tracks 50 minutes of music and what’s
special about this album is Beorn stride
from Soilwork in a lot of death metal
bands like arch enemy and other this
whole band is made up from members of
that tackling the whole rock world rust
this is going back to foreigner this is
going back to that whole retro kind of
Kansas kind of bands like that maybe
bringing in a disco kind of tribute to
so nice to kind of get
something different in the music world
that we’re kind of you know that’s
because because so many bands these days
it’s they’re not in just one band
anymore it’s common to be in to three
bands they’re not just projects yeah I
mean this is what the music world has
come to so great stuff look into it will
be playing tunes from that album
tomorrow night and more one more quick
thing is this great month a great week
in the world of music we’ve had a couple
of releases on that May 23rd
1979 the album from destroyer from kiss
was released
I mean dynasty from kiss was released
and then we have on May 24th 1986 you
might remember this one from ac/dc who
made who and then from May 25th 1993 the
first album John Bush did with anthrax
the sound of white music and rust one of
my favorites of all time may 25th 1983
from Ronnie James Dio
Holy Diver you can always oh yeah great
stories like that great tributes great
history lessons go to at this day in
metal on Twitter and you can find great
stuff like that as well
far out all right so what’s up with herb
Thrasher because I know you’re involved
with Portland Normal and a lot of the
festivals and the circuits that are
around here in the Pacific Northwest big
shows coming up around here uh really
not too much big show’s yet there’s been
announced but there’s definitely going
to come you know the whole festival
especially in the festival scene in the
northwest is kind of changed with it’s
almost like when legalization came or
festivals went down instead of up you
know it’s weird how when it was when it
was legal we had festivals like every
week and so it’s things have changed
here but music world’s looming good we
have a Portland normal membership
meeting this weekend on Saturday here in
Portland Oregon at the analogue cafe and
you can find that on our Portland normal
Facebook page or our website all the
information is there looking forward to
having moto perpetuo farms there this
weekend kind of educate us help help
drive us into this whole growing you
know because it’s time here and in
organic yeah and so we might as well
learn as well so it’s exciting to have
farm some professionals come out and
kind of give back to the community and
help us get our thing going Portland
normal org for all the information you
need on that and we’re coming around the
Memorial Day weekend which means summer
times happen and we’ll have the
northwest string summit will have
Seattle Hempfest will be a bunch of
stuff to do also have the picket on so
you know there’s a lot there is some
festivals coming up here in the
northwest that we’ll be announcing and
also still have the Seattle Hempfest
yeah damn right and the day after
Seattle Hempfest the Monday after
Hempfest the annular eclipse the total
eclipse crosses Oregon it starts on the
Oregon coast at Depoe Bay actually and
it goes over Salem and you’ll you’ll get
a partial eclipse in Portland but if you
get down there to Salem I’m gonna go
down to Salem and watch the full Eclipse
what what is the Met what metal song
will you play during an eclipse if you
have to turn the speaker’s up
it just goes dark and the Sun disappears
what’s it what’s a good metal song that
I should play man I’m gonna have to
think about that one we’ll do that or
not next weekend we’ll do that next
Friday that’s our assignment but I do
remember total eclipse of the heart and
that’s what came to mind
Thank You Carnes or something Bonnie
Tyler Tyler hey I’m gonna blow your
metal cred man music dude we’re music
through and through folks that’s all
that’s all we got today but take great
have you come in here herb for the
reefer rock review we’ll be listening on
420 radio and we’ll see it that Portland
normal meeting all right everyone yeah I
love talking to herb Thrasher he’ll be
in next Friday with more in the reefer
rock review and that’s all the time we
got for our one but stay tuned for our
two toker talk radio is coming up next
and in poker talk radio we got an update
on that Massachusetts pot bill we’ve got
to talk about Erika marie tucker the DEA
slang list of marijuana slang moron
Miley Cyrus and the falando Castille
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Fuhrman her Delta nine studios I’m
radical Russ until next time take care
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let’s get to joking and talking with
your host Russ Belleville all right
welcome everybody we made it to the
weekend it’s our last hour of this week
on the marijuana agenda and big thanks
to all of you who’ve been sponsors
Fulton thanks for signing on with your
4/20 a month pledge what I think Sid in
the chatroom who dropped 420 in the
YouTube chat appreciate that as well
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you the goal is to get this up to 420
dollars a month that’s our first
platform I’ll be breaking even if we can
get it to 420 a month if we can go
beyond that well we’ll do a whole bunch
more that’s for sure quick update on
that Massachusetts bill we talked about
how the house in Massachusetts was
looking to gut what the people had
passed in their legalization initiative
there in the bay state most alarmingly
they proposed raising the tax on
cannabis which would be a combined 12%
because it includes I think it’s like
five point seven five percent between
state and local tax and then adds the
state sales taxes six point two five so
twelve percent total which would be the
lowest in the nation as far as taxes go
but the house proposed that that tax
should be up to 28% more than double
what people voted for well now we get
breaking news that the Senate has
released the draft version of their bill
we got this from a couple of websites
a WBUR public radio there in
Massachusetts as well as mass live from
the Boston Globe I think runs that one
but according to the WBUR report Pat
Jaylin the Senate chair of Marijuana
Policy Committee says her chambers bill
stays at 2 at 12 percent for two reasons
number one because that’s what the
voters voted for hey what an idea let’s
stay with what the voters voted for I
mean what the hell let’s let’s take a
shot at it it’s not like we do that very
who knows maybe it’ll turn out good so
yeah she says quote where he says I
don’t know if it’s a male or a female
Pat quote one of the problems we face in
this country is a lack of trust in
government the Senate bill preserves the
will of the voters
and she says he says Jalen says I don’t
know male or female uh the raising the
tax rate would fuel the existing black
market saying quote the illegal market
thrives if there are high taxes and low
access what what oh my god you can’t
actually be a lawmaker you’re making
sense so for this low access problem
jaylen says the Senate would not agree
to delay the opening of retail marijuana
stores beyond the current date of July
2018 say the House version wants to push
that off as well push it out you know
even later can down the road there are
some hurdles as far as getting to that
date they’ve got to reconcile the House
and Senate bills and July 1st is their
deadline to reconcile the two bills and
they’re far apart on a few of these
items in addition to the tax rate where
the House wants 28% the Senate wants 12%
the Senate and the house don’t agree on
whether or not cities and towns can ban
the sale of legal weed the Senate bill
once again follows the little people
yeah follows the will of the people and
says the people have to vote to ban pot
businesses because that’s what the
that’s what the initiative said you want
to bet it’s okay if you want to ban a
pot business but you got to have a vote
of the people whereas the house under
pressure from city officials gave
leaders the authority to decide if
retail stores would be allowed you just
let the City Council vote on it let the
the town selectman vote on it you know
rather than having to get a majority of
the population which again passed this
legalization with like what 54% rather
than having to go to that arduous task
let’s just let you know three out of
five selectmen or four out of seven
aldermen or whatever the hell they are
in Massachusetts let’s let a small body
of political people who are being
pressured by their local business
associations and their church groups
their anti-drug groups the law
enforcement let’s let them handle
banning well we know how that turns out
you let the City Council’s ban on their
own and despite what the people want
they’ll go ahead and do these bans
which is great if you’re an underground
weed dealer like a great less
competition that’s awesome so there’s a
few other things mass live points out
that both versions would still have
possession at home growing that the
voters approved up to 12 plants a
household both would move oversight of
medical marijuana from the Department of
Public Health to the new cannabis
Control Commission both of them would
keep medical marijuana untaxed both of
them are pretty close on how the
cannabis Commission would be governed
the Senate wants to have more control to
the Commission and once the Commission
have more control on advertising
packaging and labeling and both the
House and Senate include the creation of
the Commission to study the effects of
driving under the influence of marijuana
that’s our update on the Massachusetts
bill and when we come back the sad
verdict in the falando Castille case
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[Music]general hazard of it became dinner false
these governments get irritated ha
it’s time for Joker talk radio the voice
of the marijuana nation Stalin now at
six five Oh legal MJ well folks it has
happened once again once again we have
had the killing of a black man by a
police officer filmed on video and once
again that police officer has gotten
away with it scot-free
no punishment whatsoever this of course
is the case of falando Castile in
Minnesota the officer Geronimo llanes
who shot and killed Lando Castile as his
girlfriend was live streaming it on
Facebook was found not guilty of second
degree manslaughter reports CNN also
acquitted of two counts of intentional
discharge of a firearm that endangers
safety the family was distraught
screaming in the courtroom escorted out
by officers and outside the court
mother of Lando Castiel Valerie Castile
said she was disappointed in the state
of Minnesota quote because nowhere in
the world do you die from being honest
and telling the truth the system
continues to fail black people my son
loved this city and this city killed my
son and the murderer gets away are you
kidding me right now we’re not evolving
as a civilization weird evolving we’re
going back down to 1969 what is it going
to take
end quote now this was a case where the
jury to Liberty deliberated for 29 hours
there was two weeks of testimony about
the July 6th traffic stop in which
officer yáñez pulled over the car that
was driven by Castile and his girlfriend
diamond Reynolds and her four-year-old
daughter four passengers in the car so
remember this guy was shot in the
driver’s seat with a four-year-old in
the car an audio recording captured
Castile telling Ana’s he had a gun in
the car and the officer telling Castile
not to reach for it and seconds later
yen has opened fire
now prosecutors portrayed Yanez as a
nervous officer who lost control of his
traffic stop too quick to pull the
trigger based on an unreasonable
suspicion that he was a robbery suspect
yáñez testified he feared for his life
because Casteel put his hand on his
firearm despite being instructed not to
I didn’t want to shoot mr. Castile he
testified that wasn’t my intention I
thought I was going to die
often times I get on these rants about
police and black lives matter and these
issues and some people might wonder
alright well that’s a terrible thing but
what does it have to do with marijuana
there’s a marijuana show well in many of
these cases marijuana prohibition
factors into it with the with the
Michael Brown case where he was
supposedly getting cigarillos to roll a
blunt in this case
the lawyers the defense lawyers for the
police officer alleged that Casteel had
been smoking marijuana on the day of the
shooting which they say affected his
judgment and I just retweeted a meme
from Minnesota normal that says repeat
after me marijuana is not an excuse for
this case is reverberating throughout
the country Castile was bleeding heavily
in the facebook video but managed to say
he wasn’t reaching for his gun which he
had a permit to carry
I want the National Rifle Association
I want the NRA on my television speaking
to all the news all the national news
media I want to see I want to see that
Wayne LaPierre on the sunday news shows
critiquing criticizing and condemning
the police killing of falando castile a
lawfully licensed gun owner you think
we’re going to see that you think we can
see the NRA sticking up for falando
Castile a guy who was lawfully
exercising his Second Amendment rights
I wouldn’t hold my breath
a statement was issued saying that his
girlfriend but first of all his
girlfriend says he wasn’t reaching for
his gun he was reaching for his ID in
his back pocket so we have one of these
cases he said she said officer says all
you reach for his gun he touched his gun
the woman who is live-streaming the
death of her boyfriend on Facebook with
her four-year-old in the back seat says
he was reaching for his ID you decide
who to believe a statement is issued
that said Casteel was pulled over
because he quote had a wide nose end
quote and a wide nose like the robbery
suspect who was being sought had a wide
quote he did nothing but comply with
officer Yan as his instructions to get
his driver’s license he was seat belted
and doing as he was told when he was
shot by Officer Yan as he fired seven
shots into the vehicle where my daughter
and I also sat it is a sad state of
affairs when this type of criminal
conduct it conduct is condoned simply
because Yin is as a policeman god help
now keep in mind the killing of falando
Castillo happened just a day after the
killing of Alton Stirling in Baton Rouge
Louisiana also partially caught on video
last month federal government announced
there will be no prosecution of the
officers in that killing either
now the charges yañez had faced for the
killing of Castile could have been 10
years in prison and $20,000 fine
instead he will walk away scot-free he
was released from the police force but
not fired not fired the city of Saint
Anthony where he worked the police
department there released a statement
saying quote the city of st. Anthony has
concluded that the public will be best
served if officer yáñez is no longer a
police officer in our city the city
intends to offer officer yen as a
voluntary separation agreement to help
him transition to another career other
than being a st. Anthony officer
not other than being an officer mind you
we’re not saying this guy should no
longer be a cop
just not in st. Anthony just move on to
some other Police Department you know
kind of like how the way I’ll never mind
I’ll leave that one alone voluntary
separation agreement oh we’re so sorry
that killing the the black man messed up
your little career and we’ll help help
as much as we can to make sure that your
life isn’t too terribly impacted
the n-double-a-cp the ACLU and Amnesty
International have all criticized the
verdict n-double-a-cp Legal Defense Fund
director counsel sherrilyn Ifill I
wonder if she’s related to the late –
Gwen Ifill sherrilyn Ifill said the
jury’s decision shows how difficult it
is to prosecute a police officer in a
fatal shooting quote this incident seems
so egregious and avoidable that we hope
that this time it might be different
this time justice might be served
because if the government can take your
life and no one is held responsible
you’re a second-class citizen if not
fully dehumanized in the eyes of the law
that is the devastating message this
verdict along with all those similar
acquittals before it sends to
communities of color across the nation
and I think of this I think of this
story and so many others and I can’t
help but think of a car a white sedan
that is parked literally a block away
from where I’m doing this show right now
I see it on I live on Sherman Street
Studios on Sherman Street next cross
street is one hundred and thirtieth and
on one hundred and thirtieth and Sherman
here in Portland you could drive by and
see it if you’re here in Portland want
to see it one hundred and thirtieth
Sherman there’s a white sedan with big
black letters as big as the car door all
across the driver’s side of the car
white letters on a white sedan all caps
that says all lives matter
I just it’s amazing to me how tone-deaf
and how little empathy people still have
around this issue nobody’s saying that
all lives don’t matter we’re saying that
right now when you have acquittal after
acquittal after acquittal of the state
cops killing unarmed black men in
unavoidable killings that we have to say
black lives matter that’s the point is
that we actually have to say that we
actually have to remind people of that
because apparently the evidence is
showing that as far as our society is
concerned they don’t matter as much and
this is a part of the war on drugs the
war on drugs has been a tool that helps
enforce and strengthen the white
supremacy that this country was built
upon marijuana was used again in this
trial to try to demonize and defame the
victim of the killing
marijuana is being used to roust
communities of color to be able to post
occupying forces in their neighborhoods
and a quick and easy way to unlock
people’s Fourth Amendment rights and
give them a quick stop at fish all right
we’re gonna take a break and let me come
back we’ve got my latest radical rant
column up at High Times you get a bonus
in Rio a radical rant when we return
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one ounce of marijuana marijuana is
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with marijuana and in the mail this is
not medicine this the Cheech and Chong
show encourage people to use less drugs
I am I think we did a mistake to
legalize negative reports coming out of
color don’t smoke marijuana marijuana
erika marie tucker is a young texas
mother of five and a five-time convicted
felon as of tuesday what did this
married hard-working church-going mom
with zero criminal history do to end up
with such a hardcore rap sheet she
breastfed her child
see Erica suffers from a seizure
disorder not something she’s lived with
all her life rather it’s a condition
that has developed fairly recently Erica
like many in America is working-class
and struggling just to meet the monthly
bills she was without any health care
coverage when these seizures came on as
poor folks are forced to do she turned
to the hospital emergency room to care
for her most severe grand mal seizures
you know the kind that can be fatal in
desperation Erika turned to cannabis for
relief she hadn’t been a pot smoker
cannabis culture was not really a part
of this Bible study teacher’s world
Ericka’s trips to the hospital had gone
without incident until one day she ended
up in a Johnson County hospital she had
never been to following treatment for
her latest grand mal seizures and still
in a daze hospital officials began
peppering Erica with questions are you
or considering pregnancy they asked
which Erica denied are you breastfeeding
they asked which Erica confirmed Erica
finished up at the hospital and went
home about an hour later officials from
Texas Department of Child Protective
Services or CPS were knocking at her
THC had been detected in Erica’s system
by the hospital and they alerted CPS to
the fact that Erica was still
breastfeeding her child CPS took Erika’s
children CPS alleged she had endangered
her child’s well-being by passing along
THC to it in her breast milk so in order
to get her children back Erica and her
husband were required to take a drug
awareness class and then a parenting
class and then a budgeting class and
then required to participate in couples
counseling all at their expense erica
was required to pass urine screens and
hair tests to prove she was no longer
using cannabis for her seizure control
now fortunately a kind nurse at the
hospital helped Erica find coupons for a
pharmaceutical she now takes for her
seizures that has the side effects that
have made her fatigue heavier nauseous
dizzy and given her headaches Erica was
also required to undergo a mental exam
to prove she was competent to care for
her children
Erica’s children were interviewed
extensively with CPS leading them along
on questions about inappropriate
touching followed by physical exams of
the kids
the entire ordeal cost Erika and her
husband over half a year without their
children never once during this time
were police involved no evidence of pot
or paraphernalia was ever collected from
Erika or her home
no evidence of abuse of her children was
ever found this all occurred based on a
hospital choosing two drug tests a
mother who’d come in because of a
seizure that then called CPS because she
says she breastfeeds and they found THC
in her system period CPS referred the
case to the Johnson County judicial
system which brought Erika before a
judge who explained how the court did
not want to send her to jail she got a
lawyer who for just ten thousand dollars
negotiated a deal to keep her out of
prison all she had to do is plead guilty
to five counts of felony child
endangerment five counts not one count
for the alleged endangerment of the
young child receiving THC through
Erika’s breast milk five counts one for
each of her children even the preteens
who were allegedly endangered by living
in a home with a mother who was
breastfeeding THC to the youngest one of
why with Johnson County apply such a
draconian penalty to Erica because
during the time her children were taken
from her a judge had told Erica and her
husband not to talk publicly about the
case instead they went very public about
being persecuted for medical cannabis
use posting their travails on Facebook
starting a blog speaking to the media
and delivering public speeches at Texas
cannabis rallies now Erica must serve
five years of probation work a hundred
and thirty hours of community service
pay a 250 dollar fine with court fees
take another drug class take another
parenting class take random drug tests
that means of course no cannabis
medicine and pay 88 dollars a month to
fund these requirements of course as a
convicted felon in Texas she is no
longer allowed to possess a firearm for
the rest of her life she’s lost her
right to vote during her probation and
for the rest of her life this mother of
five not only cannot run a licensed
childcare center provide childcare in
her home or adopt our host foster kids
she cannot even be present at a licensed
childcare center all for being a
breastfeeding mom who smoked a little
pot to deal with her seizures you’re
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[Music]most of us pirates we gon’ the occasion
to North Dakota you know is they’ve got
a John come our is Phil ah what is
open-air boy it’s time for Joker talk
radio the voice of the marijuana nation
callin now it’s six five Oh legal MJ
welcome back everybody I just checking
out the chatroom here on YouTube and
there’s a lively discussion going on
after my discussion of falando Castile
and black lives matter and such and I
want to make it clear that there are
people who say things and they mean them
in the in the mote in the best way and
they’re and they’re saying them in a way
that they feel is is enlightened and and
bringing an important part of the
discussion to the table but it’s tone
deaf its tone deaf and it’s
misunderstanding some of the context of
what’s going on and and and to I want to
be clear because sometimes we’re too
quick to say all that persons are racist
all that person’s racist because of what
they said I am like declaring someone a
racist is somewhat something I hold way
way back on like I gotta have some
severe proof I got a really see some
severe proof before I’ll call you a
racist because I think it’s one of the
the worst most disgusting things you can
be okay so I I want to address what’s
going on in the chat room because I
don’t think I don’t know everybody in
the chat room I don’t know these people
personally but I don’t think anybody in
the chat room is saying these things
because of racism will be or at least
let’s say conscious racism no one’s out
there saying I think this way because
black people are awful no I don’t think
that’s going on but I want to address it
because an important concept to get
through and I think too many of my
fellow white people as I discussed that
car that had the all lives matter
painted on it say these kind of things
with a tone deafness and a
misunderstanding of context and the way
their words are being misinterpreted or
interpreted by people of color
again let’s go with a disclaimer that I
am a person of zero color
I’m as fish-belly white as you can get
in the Pacific Northwest with an extra
side of mayo okay so take take this with
a grain of very white salt but um the
way I understand the way it was
explained to me first of all when when
people are saying all lives matter I
think what’s happening is that a white
person hears and sees black lives matter
and they what they hear or what they
perceive is black lives matter and
nobody else or black lives matter more
than everybody else and that’s not what
that says that’s not in there at all but
I think a lot of white people hear that
or feel that like hey I’m not racist I
don’t hate black people when since black
lives matter I mean my life matters my
kids lives matters they’re white people
what are you saying my white friends and
my white lives don’t matter no that’s
not what people are saying here’s the
little anecdote or little metaphor I
guess that was explained to me
imagine you had four kids maybe you do
have four kids but imagine you got four
kids and you take the four kids out for
a day of fun and the first thing you do
is you go to Disneyland and you go to
Disneyland with your four kids and you
get to the ride whatever ride mr. Toad’s
Wild Ride Space Mountain I don’t care
you go to the ride the Matterhorn I
don’t care go to the ride at Disneyland
and you buy three tickets
and one for yourself
you take three orchids on the ride you
get on the ride with your three kids you
leave your fourth kids sitting there
your fourth kid doesn’t get out go on
the ride the rest you go on the ride you
have a good time you done with the ride
you collect your four kids you go to the
the cotton candy stand and you buy three
cotton candies one for each of the kids
you took on the ride but the fourth kid
you don’t give them any cotton candy
eventually the fourth kid sees the other
three kids getting to go on the roller
coasters and get neat cotton candy and
getting dad’s buying them you know
little trinkets and the fourth kids
getting nothing and eventually the
fourth kid goes daddy daddy don’t I
deserve to go on the roller coaster
don’t I deserve to get some some cotton
candy don’t I deserve the little uh
Pokemon that you bought you got it for
the other three kids don’t I deserve the
now imagine you as the dad turns to your
fourth kittens and you pat your fourth
kid on the head and say there there
all kids deserve to go on the ferris
wheel all kids deserve cotton candy all
kids deserve to get a Pokemon
that’s what all lives matter sounds like
to black people
it sounds like a white person saying
well of course we’ll all lives matter us
white people who aren’t getting shot and
if we do the cops get prosecuted for it
and the black people who are getting
shot by the cops and nobody ever goes to
jail we all matter equally when
obviously we don’t matter equally that’s
the whole point of it
anyway I had to address that could not
let that sit so I’ve not even look at
the chat room because I don’t get too
much more embroiled in it and I love
each and every one of you out there I
just had to make that absolutely clear
all right uh I’m still on that I got so
I got I got so carried away I didn’t
move the radical rant video okay so now
we’re back let me talk about this next
story because this is actually a little
more fun a little less serious and it’s
from our Drug Enforcement Administration
which has released a list of drug slang
common drug slang and by the way this
isn’t new the DEA has had this list
since the beginning of the Controlled
Substances Act in the formation of the
DEA they update it every year right so
it’s like they’re their little lexicon
their little guidebook to what the kids
are saying now think I look crazy kids
with their slang about drugs so here’s
here’s some of the list uh giggle smoke
your May out they’re going to the
dispensary yeah hey man and give me your
best giggle smoke
smoochie Wu Chi Pucci dad I think
senator Alan Simpson of the Snoopy
Snoopy poop dog fame I think he’s into
smoochy boochi boochi how about how
about lime pillows wipe hey Bob Bob man
this is it’s Tom I uh I want to make an
order of some you know lime pillows
really a Christmas tree okay I can see
tree people talk about tree you know
that’s that’s cool
some of this though is is absolutely
ridiculous first of all they within the
marijuana slang terms they put Girl
Scout cookies which is not a marijuana
slang term it’s the name of a particular
strain and they do that with a few of
these either they have a few of the
different particular strains like
Acapulco gold is listed as a slang term
for marijuana when it’s really you know
for a specific kind of marijuana man and
then there’s others that they use that
like the slang is 40 years old like if
you’re but
staying a seventy-year-old drug smuggler
they might be using you know lucy in the
sky with diamonds or reefer you know so
let me go through some of these
and they got a pretty Liz they got a
list of not just marijuana but they got
a list of slang terms for marijuana
concentrates which they say include 2:46
BHO batter butter butter
dabs earwax earl honey oil sap shatter
and wax I’m I’m like wait a minute
2:46 what does where 7:10 like 7:10 is
not in the list 420 is in the list for
weed but 710 is not in the list for
marijuana concentrates and instead
they’re giving us 246 what where did
that come from I I know a lot of people
in this movement and a lot of
concentrate maker I never heard anybody
call dabs 246 I don’t know what that
let’s take a look at some of the
marijuana slang terms
that’s on the tip of 420 like they
mention ace ace is apparently a name for
a weed airplane airplane yeah give me
give me some airplane man I need to get
me some airplane Alice B toklas now I
know that term because I’m an old guy
maybe some of my listeners know that
term because there are older guys or
gals what kids these days is calling
weed Alice B toklas nobody
animal cookies Arizona Arizona is a name
for meat apparently a Manning to get me
some Arizona barbara Jean
yeah I know Mary Jane what Barbra Jean
okay uh Bernie Ernie is you know Bernie
is slang for wheat apparently according
to the DEA big pillows that’s slang for
something else actually it’s not slang
for weed although if you have the right
kind of weed you might be able to find
you some big pillows
I don’t bump ah blondie blondie is a
term for weed apparently I thought it
was one of the best new wave bands of
the 80’s but okay uh I like this one I
gotta admit I gotta like this one
burrito Sven this
that’s why burritos man today’s the
green burrito that’s good I like I think
we should get us some burritos better
days I like that that’s a good one
what else we got here cabbage catnip
those make sense right some of these are
just strains like Chernobyl cheese
cookies you know so forth
crazy weed creeper bud crying weed
mana give me some crying weep oh all
right uh what dojo diz diz is a term for
weed I don’t know that sounds like Cab
Calloway is term for weed I don’t know
it is fuzzy lady
Gatto Spanish for cat is gato
I don’t know ah good giggles give some
good giggles get some green-eyed girl
hits some some Greta we’ll have to tell
Greta games about that Greta is now a
slang term for weed gummy bears now I
don’t know if the DEA is trying to say
gummy bears is a slang term for weed or
that there are now we infused gummy
bears but I’ve never heard anyone call
weed gummy bears
hairy ones hairy ones that even if that
is a slang term for weed I don’t want it
I don’t want any weed called hairy ones
that doesn’t doesn’t sound right to me
they had jive in their jive is still in
a list since what 1906 or something
Jolly Green I can understand that that
might makes it some Juan Valdez Juan
Valdez is now a slang term for weed I
always thought one they’ll Dez was
coffee right oh well laughing grass
laughing grass that’s that’s for the
younger kids who don’t know just grass
and call it laughing grass there’s lime
lime pillows again love lime pillows
loaf loaf there’s a good name for weed
loaf I can’t give me solo Fanning some
loaf uh Mary Ann Mary Jane Mary Jones
Mary Warner Mary Weaver
of course those all make some sense
right mu T mo o TI e mu t smoke some
moody mowing the lawn ha ha now I’ve got
to be slang for smoking marijuana man
I’m gonna go out mow the lawn right
you dig brother I’m gonna cut some grass
now they’ve got muggy on here m ug gie
but i think it should be muggle make
sure maybe i my eyesight’s going maybe
not seeing that correctly no they’ve got
it as muggy okay uh narrows ona because
if arizona wasn’t a weed slang enough
now you can put an end on the front of
it ends narrows ona pakalolo of course
hawaiian uh for for marijuana is in the
list that makes some sense what else we
got here uh ragweed railroad weed okay
rainy day woman now that makes sense
because of the the dylan song rainy day
woman number 12 and 35 which by the way
that’s the song if you don’t know the
ones everybody must gaston right that’s
rainy day woman number 12 and 35 by the
way 12 times 35 420 what else do we got
in the list Queen Anne’s lace righteous
bush righteous bush sounds like a
critique of a Playboy centerfold from
the 1970s doesn’t it righteous Bush
sativa as a slang term for weed okay
slang term for one type of weed sure
white-haired lady Yellow Submarine
okay and if you mix it with PCP you can
call it zoom there you go there’s your
DEA official Declassified intelligence
report on drug slang code words dated
May 2017 your tax dollars at work
collecting a booty juice
that’s for MDMA brain ticklers that’s
for amphetamines crazy candy with k
crazy to the K candy with a K that’s
supposedly synthetic marijuana
some of these are just a little crazy I
like some of the amphetamine slang words
lid poppers hmm get some lid poppers
goofballs got goofballs that’s that’s an
old one lot a lot of slang terms for
cocaine runs almost two pages worth of
cocaine all sorts of interesting ones
here fentanyl which we’ve heard about so
much as part of this opiate epidemic
going by the name of jackpot king ivory
China white Tango in cash
tango & cash really okay it might be the
only lasting effect from that movie okay
kalana pen LSD has a whole bunch of
names some I’ve never heard Jesus Christ
acid that’ll find me some of that they
got names for marijuana mushrooms opium
oxycodone PCP percocet peyote ritalin
synthetic cannabinoids oh here’s your
synthetic weed your k2 all of that
there’s the crazy candy and Scooby Snax
zombie voodoo child Clockwork Orange
crazy alright let’s take a break and
when we come back one more update on the
Miley Cyrus story you know the woman who
says she’s smoked more weed than anybody
ever right be right back
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[Music][Music]odd 2.0 is that your father’s Woodstock
weed its diaper choker talk-radio the
voice of the marijuana nation callin now
at 6’5 old legal MJ welcome back
everybody as we wind things up here at
Delta 9 studios a few quick stories to
run back over first Fox News is
reporting on Miley Cyrus’s recent
appearance on Jimmy Fallon show where
she said she stopped smoking weed
because she wants to be clear about the
messages she’s sending in her new album
and that she’s been high all the time
and done his show high all the time and
she’s way too high and she smoked more
weed than anybody ever more than Willie
Nelson more than Snoop Dogg more than
Bob Marley Miley Cyrus smoke more weed
than anybody ever well anyway the
headline on fox news is miley cyrus quit
smoking marijuana because she thought it
would kill her I missed this when I was
reporting on this yesterday I want to
make sure we got this out – high risk
was afraid we’d would kill her
she told Jimmy Falon quote I kept having
this nightmare it was seriously horrible
I had this dream that I would die during
my monologue on SNL for some reason that
I would just get so stoned that I just
died which I googled and that’s never
Cyrus says she was worried despite
discovering no one’s ever died from weed
because quote no one has ever smoked as
much as I did so they don’t really know
if it’s possible and quote Miley Cyrus
you blithering idiot you are a disgrace
to pot smokers everywhere and to my
nobody’s ever smoked as much as you
nobody would after seven thousand years
of human cannabis consumption and nobody
ever dying of it we’re really still not
sure if that’s possible because there’s
never been a Miley Cyrus before if me a
alright another quick update we’ve
covered some of the pot stocks the penny
stocks that have been out there since
marijuana was legalized in Colorado and
Washington State and we’ve oftentimes
told you the stories of how you know you
got to be careful in these pink sheets
they’re not heavily regulated and a lot
of these pot stock companies is just a
lot of hot air it’s a lot of bubble it’s
a lot of pump and dump
well those chickens are coming home to
roost according to a report in the SEC Securities and
Exchange Commission has filed fraud
charges against can Avast now known as C
V Sciences and its CEO Michael Moana jr.
according to forbes CB Sciences
currently has a market capitalization of
26 million dollars but back in 2013 2014
when there is the big pot stock bubble
cannabis briefly hit a valuation of 3
billion dollars
one of the partners was even is even
coronated as the first pot stock
billionaire well according to the 22
page complaint the SEC has filed in
federal court Nevada Mona and canna vest
overstated the company’s assets in 2013
by manipulating the acquisition price of
a company called phyto sphere the SEC is
seeking civil penalties from both Mona
and canna vest and want Simona barred
from being an officer or director of a
public company the SEC has already sued
burt bruce pearl Owen who likes to be
known as the king of pot claiming he
committed a long-running fraud as the
CEO of hemp Inc evading registration
provisions and selling hundreds of
billions of unregistered shares pearl
Owen has denied the charges in the case
remains open while reporting on pearl
wins role in inflating the stock pot
stock bubble and his dealings with canna
vest polo n offered deeply discounted
cannabis shares that Mona was selling in
an offering to a Forbes reporter who
declined them Wow okay so the the
big-time hot stock hustlers are getting
caught by the SEC charged with fraud
we’ll follow up on this as the story
continues to develop
also story in the LA Times says pot will
soon be legal in Vegas but don’t even
think about lighting up on the strip
they talked about the long Independence
Day weekend coming up in just a couple
of weeks and from seven to ten bucks
you’ll be able to go into a dispensary
and buy a joint
F be 21 or older
but according to the Las Vegas police
quote marijuana is legal in the privacy
of your own home your own domain you
cannot smoke it prop publicly as far as
I know there’s no hotel property that
allows it either on the strip or Fremont
Street they do not want it on their
property and quote
Ceaser’s for example Caesars Palace
quote marijuana use remains illegal
under federal law and the Nevada
referendum and state law will
specifically prohibit its use in public
places these reasons the consumption of
marijuana will continue to be
impermissible at all Caesars
entertainment properties in Nevada MGM
Resorts quote use of marijuana remains
prohibited at our properties not
withstanding approval of recreational
use in Nevada end quote now this is just
setting up for the Independence Day
weekend to be a massive clusterfuck of
tourists getting arrested getting $600
misdemeanors for public toking because
you cannot legalize marijuana on a
holiday weekend
and expect all these tourists coming to
the Las Vegas Strip will legally be able
to buy joints but have nowhere to smoke
them in their hotel nowhere to smoke
them as a lounge no casino they can go
and smoke them in no place in public
they can go to no pot lounges I’ll tell
you how our people work I because I
would be doing this I’ll be buying my
joint and slipping off to some corner
slipping off to some alley going behind
some dumpster somewhere in order to make
that happen that’s what’s going to
happen there you’re going to see people
breaking the law and they’re going to
get caught and it’s going to leave a
black eye on the tourist industry and it
going to get a lot of people that will
have the attitude of of this is a
bait-and-switch hell I was planning my
vacation to Vegas because you guys
legalized weed finally but then I got
there and you didn’t you arrested me
what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
including your misdemeanor criminal
record that doesn’t stay in Vegas that
goes with yet
your misdemeanor criminal record becomes
a part of your record in all states you
can be searched in every state and again
remember this public toking in Nevada
isn’t just a civil infraction ticket it
is a criminal misdemeanor people will
get criminal records on this 4th of July
weekend when in good faith they thought
they were obeying the law they thought
of a des legalized and is okay to smoke
pot it is one of the most critical
issues that we solve in the next on
coming years as we develop these legal
marijuana markets to provide people
especially tourists who don’t have their
own home to go to who can’t use it in
the hotel to provide them a place where
they can consume cannabis legally what
use is it to grant people some sort of
right to recognize a right of the people
and then legislatively make it
impossible for them to exercise that
that’s no right at all
that’s more of a tease if you ask me
my folks that’s all the time we got for
today and for this week thanks for
joining us we’re back next week with a
whole new set of shows here on the
marijuana agenda for everyone here at
Delta nine house and studios I’m radical
Russ thanks for being here support us at
MD agenda comm and until next time take
care of each other tokers hello MD
agenda on Facebook Pinterest Instagram
YouTube and follow empty agenda show on
Twitter 34 at mg agenda
you’re ready you’re going shoes I guess
your rodents just go ahead you take a
seat you’re getting your bonus your
tires your rodents just go ahead you’ll
see you very soon

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