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What’s up YouTube! Sarah here and today I’m going to show you guys how to make some cannabis infused gummies
Guys these are delicious. They’re super easy to make they’re totally adorable
And of course, they have all the medicinal benefits of cannabis
Now the first thing that you’re going to need is some cannabis infused
coconut oil
I’ll do a separate video on how to make this but this is what you’re gonna start with is some cannabis if you use coconut
Oil, which I do keep in the fridge and as you can see it’s hard now
So what I normally do before I get started is I heat this jar up in the oven at a really low temperature
Just to get it melted so you can see I’ve got a jar here
Now that’s been heated up just a little bit so that I can basically measure it out, pour it into a measuring cup
What you’re also going to need is a sauce pan and you’re going to need some measuring cups
You need a half cup and a quarter cup or a measuring cup obviously that does both
You need some molds. Now, I had a hard time finding these I checked at a couple dollar stores, at Walmart
I eventually found them at a craft store
But you can order them online and I’ll put that information in the description box below
You’re also going to need one pack of jell-o. Flavor is your choice
Sometimes the lime is nice because it’s green like cannabis
I’m using raspberry today, and you’re also going to need some gelatin
So these are not vegan friendly if you want them to be vegan
you would
Substitute the gelatin for agar powder, and I’ll make a separate video on making vegan gummies
At a later date and Link it you know up there somewhere
So let’s get started the first thing you want to do get your sauce pan on the
Stove and turn it on to sort of a low
to medium heat
You’re going to add in half a cup of water. Okay, so half a cup of water and then
You want a quarter cup of your cannabis infused coconut oil
Okay, so you’re gonna let the water in the coconut oil heat up a little bit in the pan
Then you’re gonna add your gelatin
So once the water and the coconut oil is heated up just a little bit, you’re gonna add your gelatin and you need one
ounce of gelatin, which actually works out to be three of these little packages
But if you’re unsure, you can always just measure it out into a shot glass
one ounce shot glass
So you’re basically gonna add your one ounce of gelatin in with the coconut oil and water and whisk it until it is
totally dissolved
Okay, once your gelatin is dissolved you’re gonna add in your 1 package of jello, again flavoring other your choice
And same thing you’re gonna whisk this in until it’s totally dissolved
Okay, once it’s totally dissolved like this you’re gonna turn the heat up slightly so that it comes to a boil and
You’re going to let it simmer for five to eight minutes
Okay, so turning the temperature up a little bit
Once it gets to a boil
I’ll turn it down just so that it’s simmering and I’ll leave it for five to eight minutes now
I say five to eight minutes and it’s totally your preference
But just make sure that you’re consistent with this because the longer that you simmer it for
The more liquid that’s gonna burn off
So if you’re gonna simmer it for five minutes
And it fills up both these trays and next time you simmer it for eight minutes and only fills up that tray and a half
You’re not really going to know how many gummies you’re getting out of each batch. So try to time it and
Stay consistent with the timing each time that you do this. Okay, so I’ve got it to a boil now
I’m just gonna turn it down to simmer and I’m going to let it simmer for five minutes
It’s 149. So I’ll give it five minutes
You’re gonna keep whisking it frequently. Okay, so we’re at about the three minute mark here
You can see everything’s blended really nicely and it’s starting to thicken up a little bit
We’ll give it another two minutes and then I’m gonna start rationing these out into
The molds I’m gonna use a tablespoon
And I’m gonna basically scoop the mixture and just pour it into each one of these little molds. Okay, so it’s been five minutes
I’m now gonna start scooping this mixture and pour it into the molds. Now keep in mind
You got to work really fast here because it starts to solidify
Pretty quickly. Okay, so
just scooping and pouring
It’s ok if you get a little bit on the side of the mold, that’ll just
Solidify and you can use that later just for a little snack or whatever, but just be quick here
Using a dropper or something might be handy, too
Although I figured it would be a little more difficult to clean something like that out later. So
I’m just using a little spoon
And this is good too. If you’re using a tablespoon, then you kind of know exactly
How much is in each gummies so say like these little hearts are about three-quarters of a tablespoon
So if I know there’s X amount of THC per tablespoon, I can kind of gauge how much
THC is gonna be in each one of these little hearts. Whereas the apples which I’m gonna do next they take a full tablespoon
So it just helps you
Know what you’re getting each time
Okay, so those ones are all filled up
Just make sure they’re all topped up nicely
Now I’ve kind of got this down to an art
I know it takes exactly five minutes to get the amount that I need for these two trays
But see if you ended up with a little bit extra
I would just pour it onto some parchment paper or a plate or something like that
It’ll solidify and it doesn’t need to go to waste you can just, you know, eat that later
And see, we’re at the end here and it’s already starting to get hard
So now we’re done
Now you could if you wanted to like let this dry and try to scrape it out but honestly it’s more work
Then it’s worth I think
And now what I’m going to do is put each one of these
Into the freezer, you can put them in the fridge. It takes a little longer freezer takes literally like 20 minutes, okay
So I’ve just put them into the freezer
Obviously you got to put them in pretty carefully so they don’t tip or anything like that and then just you know
Shut your freezer. Okay. So basically that’s it. You put in the freezer. You wait like 20 minutes
You’re gonna check them and they’ll just pop out of those molds really easily. So we’ll come back to that in a minute
Okay, so now we’ve got these gummies that have completely solidified
You would be able to tell if they still needed a bit more time if they looked clear still a bit
but they do not they’ve been in there for about 20 minutes and
really, all you have to do is
Flip this over and just like pop them right out of the mold
You’ll squish the backside and see it’ll come out nice and easy like that. So you’re just gonna do that for all of the gummies
Okay, so we’ve got them all you just pop these back together
This will obviously get washed now you’ll see that there with some
Like drips that got on there and they’ve solidified too, and what I always do is just peel that off
And you can set those off to the side and save them for later
Just as a little snack or whatever
but basically, yeah, you’ve got your gummies now and

Read How To Grow Marijuana Clones Indoors This Is Free For You

I Would keep.. I would recommend keeping these in the fridge
However, they keep perfectly fine just like this. Oh, look, they’re so cute little hearts everywhere
if you’ve got one that has a little bit on the side there you can just either pull it off or use a knife and
Cut it off. So they’re all nice and perfect and
of course, you can get all sorts of different shapes if you wanted to but I kind of liked the hearts and
Yeah, I would say
Using a knife might be better and may look a little… have a cleaner edge on it like that. But yeah, there you go some nice
yummy gummies and
they are going to
You can have one or two or three depending on whatever your issue is and what your tolerance level is
Okay, so that was my quick tutorial on how to make cannabis infused
Gummies, I will have another one coming up shortly on how to make vegan cannabis infused gummies
I’ll make sure I leave all of the ingredients in the description box below
Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, and please check out my website at Have a great day guys!

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