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[Intro music] James West: Dan, let’s start with how’d
you get into cannabis in the first place?
Dan Bilzerian: Initially, how I started smoking
Or business-wise?
James West: Both.
Dan Bilzerian: Eleven years old, golf course,
tin can, first time I got high.
James West: Eleven years old.
Are you California born and raised?
Dan Bilzerian: No, actually.
Tampa, Florida, and then I did, I bounced
around a lot, but I grew up in Tampa.
James West: Okay.
I see people making a big deal out of the
fact that you’re a trust fund kid.
Does that piss you off?
Dan Bilzerian: No, not really.
That actually helped me out a lot; that’s
what helped me, you know, really make a lot
of money in poker, because the thing about
poker is, like, people just don’t want to
play with people that can’t lose a lot of
money, and so when I got into poker, a lot
of people were focusing on being the best
poker player and, you know, making all the
perfect moves.
And for me, I knew that if I just got in with
like super rich bad players, then I didn’t
have to be the best of the best, and it was
okay to make some mistakes and, you know,
give a little bit more action than you were
supposed to.
So for me, having people think that, you know,
that was my background was, you know, really
My trust didn’t even kick in till I was
35, and I gave it away anyways.
But –
James West: You gave it away?
Dan Bilzerian: Yeah.
James West: All of it?
Dan Bilzerian: Yeah, to my brother.
James West: Really?
That’s – can I ask why?
Dan Bilzerian: You know, I just didn’t really
need it, and I made a ton of money.
I mean, I was, you know, flexing on Instagram
long before 35, so…
James West: Okay, great.
So you made your own money, didn’t need
the trust fund.
The cannabis brand Ignite is all about you,
and it’s like, it’s sexy, and it’s cool,
and it’s a huge brand.
How far do you think that’s going to take
you in the cannabis world, though?
Like, I first came across your billboards
mile-high down in LA and I was like, What
the fuck is this?
Who is this fucking –
Dan Bilzerian: Perfect.
That’s what we were going for.
That’s good.
James West: Yeah, so great, now you’ve got
the brand.
But how are you going to backfill the brand
with, like, big-time sales now that you’re
a public company?
Dan Bilzerian: No, that’s a good question.
And you know, to back up a little bit, you
know, I don’t want the whole brand to be
about me.
I’m launching it, I’m, you know, promoting
and whatever, but you know, we’ve got, you
know Cardi B is posting for us, you know,
Jai Paul, he did a post free.
We got, you know, Nikita Dragon; she’s like
one of the most famous trans women.
So we have, you know, a lot of different demographics
that we’re hitting, athletes and so on and
so forth.
So I really want the brand to be, you know,
not just about me, which is why I didn’t
name it, you know, Bilzerian Buds or something,
you know, like the rest of these guys.
And thankfully I didn’t, because it’s
helping us out in Canada a lot with the regulatory
guidelines as far as, you know, if there’s
a celebrity name attached, they won’t even
allow you to sell.
James West: Right.
So how focused are you on the actual everyday
management of the brand and the company itself?
Dan Bilzerian: Pretty focused.
I mean, this is my sole endeavour right now.
Well, not my sole endeavour, but the one I’m
putting the most effort into, and I’ve got
a, you know, a great team.
The team is more focused on the business piece
of it.
I mean, I do get involved a lot in the day-to-day
stuff, but I try and, you know, do more high
We’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming out.
We’re focusing less on just, you know, the
state to state stuff, the THC side, and focusing
more on the things that we can get into all
50 states, foreign countries, and really,
you know, making this more of a global thing.
So you know, that’s my main focus.
I want one proprietary device that does THC,
CBD and nic, all in one.
Nobody’s really doing that.
So I kind of want to attack the Juul market
a little bit on the nic side, foreign and
We’ve got, you know, 200 grandfathered-in
flavours, so you know, when the regulatory
guidelines on that kind of, you know, become
unclouded, we’re going to, you know, dive
into that space as well.
But the goal for me is to get, you know, people
to stop smoking, people to switch, you know,
from nicotine to CBD, and then to have that
one device when they do want to do THC and
not have that stigma that’s, you know, normally
attached with THC.
Because you know, somebody walks around with
a 510 thread, you know, they’ve got to be
smoking THC.
Guy walks in with a Juul, you know he’s
smoking nic.
So to me, I kind of want to – and then we
want to have a caffeine pod, and maybe hookah-flavoured
pot for the people that have that oral fixation
that don’t necessarily want to do nic or
some mind-altering substance.
James West: Wow.
What’s your favourite strain, bud, dab,
right now?
Dan Bilzerian: Kind of depends on what I’m
For working out, say, Tangie Jack; for sex,
more like Cookies.
For sleeping, probably like a heavier indica
like Wedding Cake or something like that.
James West: How much are you going to be actually
the ambassador of the brand?
You say you don’t want it to quite be about
you, but people look at the Ignite and go,
This guy’s a sex-loving party animal; that’s
what I want to be, therefore I’m going to
smoke and consume Ignite products.
But you’re how old, now?
Dan Bilzerian: 38.
James West: 38.
How long can that go on, do you think?
Dan Bilzerian: Stem cells, who knows… [laughter] James West: Blood change, too, yeah!
Dan Bilzerian: No, you know, that’s a real
Have you looked into that, the blood stuff?
James West: Well, one of my business partners
in my office, he’s actually the guy who
financed the German blood-filtering machines.
Dan Bilzerian: Yeah, no, it’s a real thing.
They’ve liked combined old rats and young
rats, you know, shared blood supply; the older
rats actually went back age-wise.
So I think there’s a lot of stuff going
on right now with medicine, like I said, stem
cells is a big piece of it.
So I think you’re going to see people live
150 years old in our lifetime.
But you know, that’s not my goal is to be
150 years full of doing this bullshit.
But as far as the brand goes, I, you know,
like I said, I’m launching it.
I think it’s cool that people are aspiring
to do stuff that I’m doing.
How long I’m going to be going, you know,
this hard, I don’t know.
Probably not forever, obviously.
But you know, it’s more than that, right?
It’s kind of, you know, showing people that
cannabis isn’t just about, you know, smoking
pot, eating fucking fruity pebbles, and sitting
on the couch; it’s more, hey, we can smoke,
we can work out, we can, you know, surf, we
can do fun stuff, we can travel the world,
hang out with hot chicks, and it’s, you
know, more of an active lifestyle.
And that’s really what I think cannabis
needs, to take away that stigma that it has
of, you know, smoke pot, you’re useless,
you’re lazy, whatever.
James West: Yeah.
What about other drugs like the hallucinogenics?
Dan Bilzerian: Big fan of mushrooms.
James West: Big fan of mushrooms?
Dan Bilzerian: I have not tried ayahuasca.
James West: Peyote?
Dan Bilzerian: I did, once.
I think it’s more of like a medicine, honestly.
Peyote is not a – it shouldn’t be illegal.
It’s not a recreational drug, it’s not
something that you do to get fucked up with
your friends; it’s more of, you know, kind
of if you want to figure stuff out, take peyote,
and you kind of just, you know, have the answers
to your questions.
I think it removes your ego a little bit,
and it’s one of those things where, you
know, it’s got a negative stigma, but you
know, Native Americans have been using that
for thousands of years.
San Pedro cactus, same thing.
You know, like I said, I’ve only done it
once, but I thought it was interesting.
James West: You smoke dabs before you work
out; I watched a video and you had a buddy
over, and you smoked this big pipe and then
you work out.
And I’m like, what the fuck?
Like, who gets high to work out?
So then I’m thinking about it, and it’s
like, I wanted to actually ask you, like,
how does that improve or take away from the
Like for me, I don’t understand how I could
actually have that focus that I need to work
out, if I was too high.
Dan Bilzerian: Yeah.
Well, you know, it kind of depends on what
you’re doing.
For me, you know, if I were to, you know,
smoke a fat dab and try and go do a two hour
run, that’d be pretty painful.
But for working out, it gives me a better
mind-muscle connection.
So I get better pumps.
It makes the gym more interesting, and I don’t
know… like I said, I respond well to sativas,
but if I were to try and do an indica and
do that, it might not work out so good.
Everybody’s different, so your body is just
going to, you know, react to different cannabinoids
different than mine.
So I think people really need to figure out,
like, what works for them.
So for me, smoking a Tangie or smoking a Jack,
or, you know, Lemon Tree, or whatever, you
know, those sort of, you know, sativas or
even a sativa-dominant hybrid really help
me kind of like, you know, focus.
Like I said, I wouldn’t do it on a cardio
day; I’ve done it on heavy leg days, but
it’s more of, you know, something that I
think is really good for, like, arm day or
chest days or smaller muscle groups.
Really want to focus on that muscle and get,
you know, the maximum contraction possible.
James West: You bet.
Ignite’s famous for those mile-high billboards
now, everywhere we go.
Canadian companies aren’t even allowed to
How fucked are Canadians going to be when
America tries to take over the Canadian market
due to that discrepancy?
Dan Bilzerian: Well, when I come into the
Canadian market, it’s going to be a little
more difficult for Canadian companies, I think.
But I’ll be partnering with Canadian companies.
So for me, I’m not trying to be a grower;
I’m not trying to come up to Canada and
start a big farm, become a cannabis grower,
I want to partner with the best grower and
put the best products in the market.
So that’s really what the brand is about,
is knowing that when you see that Go logo,
when you see Ignite, that the product is going
to be good.
Do I want to set up a farm in every single
state, in every single country?
No, but I want to partner with the absolute
best grower in those places.
So the Canadian growers that are partnering
with us, I think, are going to be super stoked,
because we really have the only brand that
can go into Canada.
Leafs by Snoop, Khalifa Kush, Tyson Ranch,
Willie’s Reserve, not that those are, you
know, really big brands, but those have names
attached to them, celebrity endorsements,
and they’re not allowed.
So Ignite is my company, I started it from
nothing, you know, it doesn’t have my name
attached to it.
There’s plenty of other people supporting
it, and so we should be good.
James West: Do you think that Ignite in Canada
needs a Canadian growing partner?
I mean, is that because you don’t grow at
Dan Bilzerian: Well, I mean, you can import
to Canada, so we’d have to set up a whole
grow in Canada and do that whole thing.
James West: Are you having those discussions
Dan Bilzerian: Just as far as partners?
James West: Yeah.
Dan Bilzerian: Yes.
James West: Okay.
Dan Bilzerian: Yeah, we got a rollout planned.
James West: Okay.
That’s pretty huge.
All right.
That’s all the questions I have for you
at this point, keep in touch.
Dan Bilzerian: Cool, man.
James West: Great to meet you.
Dan Bilzerian: Yeah, likewise.

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  1. I worked in cannabis industry in Cali for a short while. His brand was notorious for being shitty, lots of broken pens or burnt tasting pens and his flower was always super dry. His company had a weedmaps review average of 2 stars and probably 90% rate of negative reviews until ignite profile was removed for having such terrible reviews. Dan seems cool and I respect his take on life and I dont think hes a dick like most people do but tbh his weed company is pure bullshit selling overpriced garbage. His business partner is a known piece of garbage according to some industry vets I spoke with, apparently he's shady and was removed from numerous companies/dispensary chains like reef that he cofounded but I have no clue how true that all is

  2. If a person needs cannabis to stay focused on arm days, would he or she need cocaine for other harder days? It's ridiculous. How about just getting enough sleep and get a good workout the next day. CBD or thc is great to use for relaxation and sleep. But for working out?