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there are certainly lots of people
in this country
who believe that in their value system
marijuana is a religious sacrament, that is that
their use of it is entitled to be
protected under their religious
protection that
they always have the right to freedom of
religion under the first amendment
i agree with that, it seems to me that
if you believe that marijuana is a
sacrament and whatever religion you
are in, whether it’s Rastafarian or whether
you’re one of these new-age religions
If you believe it’s a sacrament I don’t think
it’s any of the government’s business to
second-guess you.
However, it is terribly important to
that the federal courts, and not just
federal, the state and federal
courts in this country have simply never
accepted that decision. They have rejected it
in every case in which it has been raised.
there’ve been a couple of cases in which
the Rastafarians, several years ago
raised the religious defense, and with
the Rastafarians, they had hundreds
of years old of using marijuana as part
of their religion, so it was a more
legitimate argument for example than
someone who just decided in the last six
months that they believe marijuana
is a sacrament.
from my standpoint, they’ve got a right
to do that, but you can understand why the
courts are not necessarily as respectful
of that decision as they might be if it
were an established church that has been
around for a long time. But in those two
cases that i’m aware of where the Rastafarians,
they have held it is a recognized
sacrament in their religion
the defense was rejected because both
cases that involve large quantities of
marijuana, far larger than anyone would
need for personal use as a religious
So what i would say yes,
i think it should be legal
for adults to use marijuana responsibly.
it doesn’t matter why you use it.
It is none of the government’s business, but
it’s important that we make sure people
understand what is and is not currently
legal in this country and religious use
of marijuana is not currently recognized
in this country and it will not protect
you from being arrested or prosecuted.

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  1. 1. There have been people like Ed Forchion that has fought for and won his religious freedom on federal property in New Jersy.
    2. James Mooney in Utah won a case against him concerning giving peyote (Schedule I drug) to non-native Americans
    3. The First Amendment is a constitutional right regardless if the authorities misinterpret that law.
    4. Ras Ta Fari's ancient connection is through the Bible, not through their 20th century Emperor Ras Ta Fari aka Halie Selassie I. Keith is mistaken.

  2. Stroup is wayyy off. Rastafarian is a relatively new religion, less than 100 years old. The religious use of cannabis in all sorts of traditions that are much older and many of these "new age" religions which Stroup comments on, are tied in with these older traditions. There was a time in the USA that medical use was not recognized either, people changed that, and who is to say that will not happen again with reliigous use pioneers.

  3. pot almost became legal under carter, if it were not for Kieth Stroup, The administration of President Jimmy Carter had favored marijuana reform; however, Peter Bourne, Carter's drug adviser, disagreed with Stroup on ending the spraying of Mexican marijuana fields with the herbicide paraquat. So Stroup told a reporter that Bourne snorted cocaine at NORML's 1977 Christmas party. Bourne was subsequently fired.

  4. One has to wonder at the motivation for NORML to keep kicking this can….. So what did we learn from Kieth, don't try to enact your Constitutional rights to freedom of religion, just join NORML and contribute cash, they know all about getting it legal, as they have been trying unsuccessfully for 40 years!

  5. For some reason NORML admits to working on the vary case they refuse to acknowledge, Guam V Geurro. This case proved the viability of the religious use defense. NORML now admits it in there blog but refuses to retract this message. It seems they want you to believe what is not true. It's called lying by omission.

  6. It is fundamental to the Christian religion, it is just that few people are aware of this fact. Busted in Nov '10 and my court date is Aug 8 in Williamson County, TX but it keeps getting pushed out as I am arguing my 1st Amendment rights. Wish me luck as I am defending myself as I have not found anyone to represent me.

  7. I have a feeling if I would have told the judge it was for religious purposes only, he would have sneered at me and gave me a harsher punishment.