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Hello we’re Hogwash Pharms
what really makes the products that we make at Humboldt Alchemy Group special
is that they
come from quality conscious farms and
specifically Hogwash Pharms and the
phenotypes and the profiles that we’re
cultivating. That’s what really makes
Humboldt Alchemy special to me it’s
knowing that I’m bringing it from my farm
to the factory and also straight to the
consumer. I’m not subbing it out to big
business to put a big brand on it
I think craft cannabis is no different
than any craft of any sort.
I’ve done textiles I’ve done gardening for food for medicine, I think it’s all the same
when people talk about craft it’s like
really I feel like we need to continue
having that because usually that you
know where it’s coming from
My name is Mariellen Jurkovich and I’m the director of the Humboldt Patient Resource Center
If you want to save our industry
you need to support our farmers because
the bottom line is our farmers nothing
would be happening if it wasn’t for them
nothing would grow if it wasn’t for them
and they’re the ones that are taking all
the hits right now so we need to love
them. Show them the love and buy their
products and make sure you’re buying
local. Always make sure when you come
into a dispensary that you ask what is
local and know the products and have
your dispensaries know the products and
have farmers come in and talk about
their products and not just the people
that are selling their products but have
the real farmers come in and you can see
the love that they show towards their
products and you will be able to buy
their products because you feel that love.
Hi I’m Nat Pennington founder of
Humboldt Seed Company
So of course, you know we always grew cannabis in
Humboldt County that’s just what I’ve
done for 25-30 years and you know back
in the day it was less legal let’s just say.
There’s always been that kind of
gray area and I really enjoyed the
medical law that Dennis Peron and
others came up with that was a
brilliantly crafted initiative a
voter initiative that I voted for in
1996 and you know really enjoyed that
time. For me it just it’s a much more
enjoyable experience when I know my
farmer and I know what I’m smoking and I
know how much love and thought they’ve
put into it I mean it’s undeniable that
it’s just a better high. You know here we
are we’re at this kind of snapshot in
time and cannabis it’s been an amazing
interesting journey to watch you know a
community come together around a plant
and you know so many other things
wrapped into it like social justice and
equity so many good things and I just
know that this plant basically demands
that you carry that forward and so I
think you know those folks are going to
be the folks that succeed in this whole
thing. The folks that really care about
both the plant and the place where
they’re growing and the people around
them and want to see the world become a
better place and I think that’s what
what cannabis has to be about you know.
Peter Tosh said it’s the healing of the
nation and I’ve always really agreed
with that. There’s a lot of good that’s
gonna come of this and let’s just
support our small farmers
Hello my name is Sara, and welcome to Mountainwise
Farms. supporting craft cannabis is
Supporting craft cannabis is important because just like anything else that goes in your body the medicine
that goes in your body is important to
know also.
Us farmers here in Humboldt County
We care. We got into this for love
and passion. You know for falling in love
with this area and we carried on this
dream to provide this medicine to other
people. Whether the medicine be smoking a
joint and relaxing and laughing is super
important or whether it’s your arthritis
that prevents you from walking.
This plant and us farmers who care are doing
it to make a difference.
We produce medicine that heals. We take the flowers and produce
other medicine that heals in different
ways but our passion and our farming
practices are what allows us to produce
something different.
What is happening right now is history being made everyone deserves access to good cannabis
But when you don’t know where it comes from you how can you vouch for the quality of it?

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Hi my name’s Alias and I’m a
black-market farmer
Under the 215 model things made more
sense to me.
There were farmers who could grow using other people’s prescriptions the medicine they needed and provided
directly to them and you were growing
medicine for people who needed it and by
default you would try to grow the best
cleanest medicine for those people they
would know their farmer and have a
personal relationship with their farmer

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