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Looking at a plant that you’ve never grown before there’s no real way to know how much THC is going to be in it many farms
All they’re shooting for is how high a THC number I can get which leads us into the situation with labs
padding numbers
And actually we’ve been approached by labs. That are a little bit more unscrupulous than others saying: “Hey this tested at 14%
But we can fix that if you like. Throw us a little extra cash and we’ll fix it”
Testing for potency and purity is becoming the norm in states with legal weed
But there are concerns within the industry about corruption between growers and labs that test their products
So you basically went from busting pot growers and dealers to being one yourself?
Correct, yeah. In 2012, Griffin Law left his job as a sheriff’s depute in Texas
He now works as a grower in Washington State’s booming legal Cannabis industry. But even after switching teams,
He’s still a stickler for playing by the rules
Law thinks some growers are colluding with labs to fudge their test results
THC is the thing in marijuana that gets you high. Yes.
What are you seeing with customers in terms of what they look for when they go to a store and see the THC?
Readout on the packaging. They like to see THC content at 20% and higher
it’s the equivalent of going to liquor store and finding the highest proof alcohol and
Just buying it based on that
Crooked testing also hurts labs that want to be honest. Charly town a manager at Goat labs in Washington State
Says growers pressured him to inflate the THC content of their pot
So do you have clients come in who are blatantly saying: “We need this to test a certain rate. Make it happen.”
I’ve had one phone call before that somebody was shopping around for a laboratory
And they even used that term and I just I turned them away
I didn’t I don’t want anything to deal with them
Do you think that that was a random like one guy was shopping around?
Or do you get the sense that that’s happening more often than not. I think that’s happening more often than not
To demonstrate the problem Charlie retested a jar of Cannabis that was advertised as being especially potent
So what are the results from your test? It claims that it was 30%
THC and
We just tested it ran it at 18.9% THC
And there’s no way that that’s a rounding error or some sort of calibration. That’s just flat-out false results
That’s false results.
Some people might think
What’s the harm? Why does it matter if somebody is inflating the numbers just a little bit tell me it’s about integrity
I mean again. We’re a new and burgeoning industry we want to be on the up-and-up
If they’re willing to fudge potency numbers who’s to say that they’re not willing to fudge
Pesticide or mold or Mildew contaminant numbers? The two biggest ones in the industry are Eagle Twenty and Avid, those are both neurotoxins
They’re basically chemical weapons. Okay. This is stuff
That’s sprayed on Plants routinely in the agricultural world
but they’re not for human consumption. Black mold, the same thing people smoke that they end up with a
Disastrous lung infection that can actually end up killing them. Is there anybody from the state coming in to make sure that when you test
your samples, that is going to come back accurate on THC content. Not anything that’s
done on a regular basis
We do do proficiency tests within the lab
So if you do it right once, the state doesn’t check back to make sure that you’re doing it every time? It’s it’s really the
honor system right now
Washington is considering tightening its rules a
spokesman for the state said a secret shopper program provide oversight of the labs
And it has turned up deviations in test results which they are investigating
The problem isn’t limited to just Washington Eight states and Washington DC
have passed recreational marijuana law an
additional 21 States have some form of medical marijuana. The lab rules vary from state to state and
some require no testing at all. This can be a serious issue for patients who need precise doses and
pot that’s free of pesticides and mold
Do you worry at the national level, is there is a federal debate that’s happening right now about whether or not the country should change
its marijuana laws? That this kind of deception is going to
Influence people’s decision on the issue? Certainly in other industries like you know, meat, dairy, that kind of thing have agencies like the USDA
That are testing those products on a national level, they have a national standard for testing all of those products for every state
That’s honestly what we need in the marijuana world – is have one way of testing
Every marijuana product that is consumed by the public and any state that it might be

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