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What is up guys and welcome back to Koi’s Corner.
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So this is a question I’ve gotten a lot since I made my very first video on meditation roughly a year or so ago
which you can find up here
because meditation, I truly do believe, is one of the simplest yet most effective things we can do not only for our body
but our mind and our state of well-being moving forward in our life
no matter what we do, no matter where we go, if we can bring and implement a meditative practice within us
on a daily basis, it changes the way we think and live and therefore can thrive on this planet here in these physical bodies.
But there is one little thing that gets to people and that confuses people and that is whether or not we can or should meditate on drugs.
Is it better to meditate high or to meditate sober or does it really matter at all
because the truth is most young growing people and young adults in general do drugs.
It is just a common thing among people. So when meditation comes into the mix, this natural inner kind of sanctum that we can reach
through breathing, through concentrating, through allowing everything to just flow,
it really confuses people whether or not we can do both or should.
So jumping right into this topic, I just want to make clear there are a couple ways to deduce
whether or not we can and this all starts with what type of meditation we do or understanding
what type of meditation we are doing.
This is because there are a plethora of different meditative practices we can partake in
and depending on which we do, impacts us differently on different drugs.
So just bear with me as I explain.
We have things such as basic Vipassana meditation, the Buddhist method of meditation
which is just breathing, awareness of breath in and out, the way it flows.
There is mantra meditations where we are chanting as if I am sitting down and chanting on my Mala beads
the names of gods, the names of different songs to these dieties
and these affect us differently as well.
There are Kundalini meditations which is a focus on the base of the spinal column
moving up and exploding out through the head over a very slow and progressive period of time
and there are types of pranayama such as Breath of Fire which function on the esophagus
and how quickly we can intake this air, push it out as pure energy,
intake good, push out bad and it’s a very upbeat, fast-paced type of meditation
and all these different types, they are in their own right a meditative practice,
a practice that brings us to a state of oneness, that stills us, that allows us to engrain ourselves
with the way of existence but they also require us to be in different mental states going into them
or having different understandings of what they can do for us.
Because somebody in the mind state to do of Vipassana relaxed meditation would be thrown off by a
Breath of Fire pranayama mediation.
In the same sense, somebody who doesn’t like making noises would be thrown off by a
vocalized, outward mantra meditation.
They all depend on where we are going with our minds.
This is big, before we even get into drugs, meditation itself all depends on our mindstate
going in and understanding what we are partaking in.
So if we can get that, we can now move on to the biggest factor and where drugs
really do come into the picture is understanding what drugs we are using while we are meditating.
Because they will affect us in the same way our frame of mind affects us sober.
We can not go into an upbeat, exercise breathing form of meditation if we are on a downer
such as pills or indica strains of marajuana.
These will put us in a lower state and make it harder to do these high intensity or high vibrational
meditations and on the other end of the spectrum, if somebody is attempting to meditate
on things such as cocaine or MDMA or psychedelics or sativa strains of marajuana,
it’s going to be very hard to center yourselves into a Vipassana state or a very slow, low energy
type of center meditation because physiologically, your heart and your body and your mind
are moving in a thousand miles an hour.
So already, we have major factors going in that can create problems is not only the type of
high we are having but the type of meditation we are doing, whether or not we are on a drug.
These combining factors, if we don’t pay attention to them, can kind of mess up the meditation
process regardless.
But then, if we can balance these out, if we can match out what type of high we have,
what type of meditation we’re doing, what kind of state of mind we are going into these meditations with
the next set of problems tend to arise.
Or less of a problem, more of a situation that we may not see at first
and that is understanding that any form of meditation, on any kind of drug,
is not meditation in the classical sense.
Instead, it is meditation on X, Y, or Z.
No matter what form of meditation we are doing, if we are on a drug of any sort,
no matter what type it is, it is not only attempting this type of meditation, it is also meditating on this drug.
Even if we were doing Vipassana, we are still doing Vipassana while meditating on marajuana.
We are still doing chakra meditations while meditating on LSD.
And from this, problems can arise because it brings up a dualistic understanding of what meditation is.
We are doing these meditations under the influence and therefore we perceive these meditations as natural,
as the way they naturally are, when they are not.
They are meditations that occur through this drug.
They are essentially drug meditations.
Imagine looking at Niagara Falls with a pair of very, very dirty, very dark sunglasses.
Now you are still seeing Niagara Falls but you are seeing Niagara Falls through a very distorted lens,
a different lens.
Even if we have the cleanest, nicest expensive sunglasses, we are still not seeing the pure
product through our eyes.
We are seeing them through a filter.
And drugs create this sort of a filter when we are meditating.
We can meditate every single day on marajuana.
We can meditate every single day after drinking.
But, we are not experiencing the true essence of what meditation is at it’s natural level.
We are experiencing a filtered version, an altered version of this meditation.
So if you see this, if you can understand that what you are experiencing on these drugs is a
drug induced meditation and you accept that, that is fine.
The only problems that come in are when we don’t notice this and we assume that our drug meditation
is the natural form of meditation in which it is not.
True meditation is sober, it is reality and I think it is equally important if we’re going to meditate on drugs,
to also, just as often, meditate completely sober, completely naturally
so we can see that there is this sort of false dichotomy under the drug influence.
It is okay to do both. It is okay to do one or the other.
But, we have to have both experiences so we can kind of weigh them and see which one impacts our life
for better or worse.
I, myself, used to meditate on drugs in my room, at home, years ago
and I thought I was such a good meditator. I thought I was in such a zen state and the feelings I were having
was all brought out purely by this meditation and it wasn’t until I kind of stopped,
stopped doing these drugs and started meditating naturally that I realized I was so far off the mark
that I wasn’t even close to a true meditative state in the natural aspect
and that took some time to get to as well but as soon as I did, I could see a huge, varying difference
in a high meditation verses a sober. Both enjoyable, both incredible, but both absolutely viscerally different
experiences that I think are equally important to understand.
So with that being said, if you aren’t ready to meditate sober or you’ve already been meditating on drugs,
that’s okay. I always just say to people, look, use drug meditations as a stepping stone if you are already
doing them. If you haven’t meditated sober, but you’re already meditating on drugs, well then, there you go.
But if you already meditate sober, and you haven’t meditated on drugs, you’re kind of fine
unless you want to again, experiment or reach out and try new things.
These are all personal choices we can make and I will neither say you should or shouldn’t.
I’m just giving you my personal opinion on the topic.
So that is pretty much the gist of today’s video on meditating high verses sober.
But then again, drug meditations can be fun, can be psycho-actively inducing, can help us consciously
relate to what meditation might be if we are not ready to step into it yet and allover, isn’t a harmful thing to do.
Meditation is good no matter what. It is an amazing, beautiful thing and there are different levels to it
and as long as you understand these levels, and see that they are different, and except that and hopefully
attempt both, you should be fine and that’s as simple as it gets.
So hopefully, that video helped you guys out.
If you have any questions or comments, I’m sure there will be some, please feel free to like, subscribe,
and leave those down below and as always, I will see you guys next time.
Thank you guys so much for watching this video.
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11 thoughts to How To Grow Marijuana In Your Backyard Click To Learn More At 16:29

  1. In the story the Guru Jesus denies the gall and wine so that his meditation leads to the crucifixtion.
    Meditation must be a self sacrifice.
    Meditate. Then enjoy a smoke my friend.

  2. Thanks for this video! There is a lot of people saying to completely stay away from drugs (or just weed in my case) because it lowers our vibrations etc but it doesnt have to. This is perfect and I used to believe this too. I find when I used to get high at first it was a lot more mind opening and helping me spiritually, vs now that im a daily smoker its rather numbing, but I dont really get high anymore. For me it completely depends on my mindset, wether or not I'll have a good meditation, sober or not. If im in the right mood i can totally space off, if not, not.

  3. I respectfully agree and disagree with these opinions. I like to mediate with weed because it helps me still myself. It in itself allows me to take a mental journey and when I close my eyes, I can be there for hours . I think it depends on the person. Weed effects everyone differently.

  4. I tried meditating on weed just now and ended up focusing on my tongue hitting the roof of my mouth. It was quite unpleasing because it kept making bubbles and they would pop and vibrate my lips. Shit was wack! I was mad focused on my mouth and like felt everything going on in that mouth of mine.