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Hey everyone, welcome back, it’s Master Blaster. We’re at Johnny’s and today we’re gonna make some hash we’re gonna actually use
BHO honey oil as our mixture and we’re gonna mix that in with some Keef
so our first step here is to go outside and we’re going to
Blast some nice buds so we can make our honey oil to begin with
All right, guys, we’re outside and we’ve got our big 24 inch extraction tube
You’re ready to go full of crushed bud. And this is going to be our first step as
Far as making our butane honey oil
And then we’re going to add some Keef and try to make some hash out of that. It’s gonna be quite interesting
Okay, you guys here we go. Let’s activate this
There we go
All right everyone we finished blasting and now we’re going to boil off or butane liquid
We’re in the process of making some butane honey oil so that we can mix in with our Keef to make some hash
Okay, you guys I poured some of our liquid into a smaller Bowl little metal wool
And we’re boiling this off right now at 160 fahrenheit
Because we are making honey oil. The reaction is a lot slower
Bubbles are smaller
It’s getting closer. This is our fourth tumble here
This is all our stuff that we’ve tumbled already
We only tumble this for 15 minutes to get some nice great blonde
Keef out of here
To blend in with our oil. Let’s take a look inside here and see what we have
All right, let’s scrape this up Wow, that’s smells great you guys leave it
Smells like an exotic fruit
All right, there’s our pile and we’re gonna use this
To make our hash we’ve evaporated our butane
mix here and as you can see, we have a beautiful honey oil and
Remember guys, you don’t need a perjure if you’re gonna make butane honey oil and purge it off at 160
All right
We’re gonna add a few scoops of our Keef here
And we’re gonna start mixing this up. This is still quite warm, too
Yeah, we left it warm because we feel it’d probably be easier to mix
See what happens. Here you go. This is the first time we’re ever using
BHO honey oil
To make our hash should be interesting. Okay, so we’re just mixing this up here
Alright, we just added a little more Keef
Working it pretty gummy nice one Keif we’re using for this
I’ve got a feeling this this is gonna be a really strong hash you guys probably some of the strongest hash
We’ve ever made just hand pressing this you guys
Starting to look like hash now a little. Alright Johnny just grabbed a
freezer bag
And he stuck it basically in the corner of the bag and he’s working it that way
It’s almost a little easier to work than the method that I was using you can see that those glands are really starting to rupture
They’re starting to get dark
Putting in another scoop full just to change the texture on us a little bit
you’ll see it change the colour now, you’ll see this start to get dark because he starts rupturing the glands
Working it with a lot of pressure
Getting there
All right you guys
we’ve compressed this by hand for about
20 minutes. It’s looking really nice now
I’m gonna roll it up. You think we should give this a try Johnny? What are you gonna make a ball or a snake?
Well, I think we’ll have to make a snake cuz I actually wanted to make a soft ball but it’s a little small
Alright, check out that texture you guys. Oh
That smells wicked, all right, we know everybody out there hasn’t got the material to do something like this
So if you want to get a hold of somebody that might be able to help you. He’s located in, Michigan
His name’s professor T and you can reach him at
Him a call. Alright guys, we’re gonna roll this up a little bit and try it. Oh, yeah. Yeah, baby
AL right, let’s roll one up. All right write and try this stuff i’m excited to try this
Let’s do you know I’d do it the easy way. I just put some good herb in there
Throw some of that hash in there
Like so
Give that bad boy a twist
Put this to the side here
Broken up in there pretty good. Yeah blended right in
This’ll be a slow burner
All right master
Wow, that’s definitely a unique taste I have to say and oh it’s fairly strong to –
Yeah with that honey oil in there is gonna be good eh I
I can smell it from here. Does that ever smell nice? Whoa, that is powerful you guys
That’s got to be some of the strongest hash i’ve ever tried wow oh my god you guys that is like deadly
That was a success man that was
Right here bro. Boom ok you guys. This is master blaster
Saying thanks for watching again. Give us a thumbs up subscribe and
Remember this this is a first we haven’t seen any info on that. Try it you guys you won’t be disappointed butane, honey oil
mixed with your Kip
What a beautiful hash

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  1. Hiya buds.
    I am 8 days into making the thc diamonds you showed me on another video.. well, I got over anxious and tried a couple tokes (I woke up at 4am dieing to try it. Hehe) and I gotta say bro, i dont think I'll be able to smoke my weed any other way now.. i am so freakin impressed right now! An I'm only 8 days in. There are shitloads of tiny granulars in my glass.. i put the knife in the goop and all i feel is 'crunch' .. Sweet. You are a genius my man. The only channel i need now, is yours. For weed intelligence that is. Good job.
    P.s. cant wait (but I'll do my best) till I'm 3 weeks in. I'll let you know. Ty.

  2. Your cannabis knowledge in your videos is incredible Master Blaster and Johnny you guys are like the modern Cheech and Chong keep those videos coming love watching you guys

  3. First of all congratulations for your great work, I do not know how to speak English and then I'm using a translator, sorry to hear any mistakes, I'm from Brazil and I'd love to know if you send them here?
    Thank you and congratulations for the work👍

  4. what we used to do in my country was cooking the hash for 10 15 seconds and then it will be mixed so easily with tobacco or weed or whatever, so next time try to cook it next time and enjoy the taste