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today we will be sharing our high horror
this is my high story my roommate my
five or so years ago we had a house
party and it was really fun we had
everybody bring a date and dress up and
we had a photobooth and everything is
one of our friends decides to bake a
weed cake we labeled it and made sure
like guys this has marijuana in it
people did not care you could tell that
everybody had had a piece at this party
because everyone is quiet it’s just the
music and so everybody is just kind of
like staring at each other like some
people are nice and zoned out some
people are like darting their eyes
around one of my friends actually the
next day told me I was so paranoid at
your party she thought like everybody
hated her another friend is like an avid
runner she just decided to run home but
I had a good time at this party I
enjoyed myself and the cake looks good
too if something has a label on it maybe
read it before you eat it at a party
yeah I guess that can be said for peanut
allergies as well to my high story is
also when I was in college and I was in
LA one of my roommates had these edibles
they were really strong so we split one
of these gummies up actually I think we
split in half a gummy that was already
split in half so I had like a bear arm
so we wanted for a walk as we were like
finishing up our walk we started feeling
it somebody went back and my roommate at
the time had string lights so we put
them in like the hallway of the place we
were staying and turned off all the
other lights except for these string
she had a ukulele so she was like I’m
gonna sit in the bathroom and play the
ukulele because it’s really echoey so
like it would like sound nice and she’s
like can you stay at the end of the
hallway and I’ll play it in the bathroom
you know echo and then it’ll be like
this cool experience for you to like
walk down and like be all stone and I’m
like a very analytical person already
and when I’m high I’m even more like I
question everything and like think about
everything like times 10 so this is all
happening and I’m like oh my god this is
really romantic and I’m like am I like
in love with my friend like what’s going
on here blah blah blah and I’m like how
do I like regain control of this
situation and like hey let’s swap I
playing the ukulele and she like goes
away to like do what I just said I keep
getting more and more high right so then
I think like oh my god wait a minute she
left and she’s not my roommate anymore
she turned into a murderer but I knew
that that wasn’t true instead of it
being like cute and like this like
potentially romantic thing it was like
the scariest kind of lighting I couldn’t
Ruby in the hallway knows like can you
come here like I yeah for some reason I
think you’re like I’m a knife murderer
and kill me or something she’s like okay
you’re not having a fun time and you’re
going down this path so let’s go into my
room and we’ll just chill and it’ll be
fine but when she and I are together we
like get into these bits that she was
like we have to like close my bedroom
door because this is like the last bit
of oxygen on earth and so then I’m like
oh my god I’m like there we’re in space
so I’m like starting to panic but then
I’m like I know that that’s not true but
my high brain won’t let me think that it
wasn’t I go next stairs I just tell her
I’m like hey look thanks for sharing
but like this was a mistake and I have
to go to bed now so then I’m in bed and
it’s like as soon as I lie down I get
the spins of course and then I’m like oh
my god like this is awful blah blah and
then I literally think that I’m dying
but like I knew that I wasn’t so I
didn’t I wasn’t like hey can somebody
like come in here and just validate the
fact I’m still alive it turned into like
a terrible nightmare fiasco
then I woke up the next morning and I
felt fine just you know be responsible
and it’s cool to say no do you want to
this is my hi story
alright so my hi story starts in
California and this was actually the
first time I ever got high and this was
like Thanksgiving time and I didn’t
really know how to smoke so they were
basically also trying to teach me and
you know when you have that one hit that
one long hit and then that coughs you
cannot catch your breath afterwards
you’re done and then I just kept going
let’s say it was like 12 26 okay I’m
super stoned out my mind I’m hungry I
need sugar I was like sitting on her
couch I ate a cupcake
I ate another cupcake
take number two I ate cupcake number
three then we proceeded to talk about
time travel you know like when your
heart is beating so fast and you’re
shaking and it’s like oh my god god am I
gonna die that’s how high I was and I
looked at my phone it was only 12:30
only four minutes had passed and it felt
like it had been four hours so then
after that I’m like oh my gosh I have to
go home I’m freaking out and so I just
lived like right upstairs from her so we
go upstairs and I’m like I’m like dude
are you gonna be okay going back
downstairs are you gonna be okay I just
keep asking her this over and over again
she’s like dude you need to drink some
water and and don’t go to sleep yet like
calm down first and so I went inside of
my apartment I was drinking a ton of
water and I probably didn’t go to sleep
for another 3 or 4 so what I learned
from that first stoned experience was
drink more water I was clearly

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  1. These stories are nothing , a few years ago I was superrr into acid. I took a ton when I was young and drank a big vial of the liquid form. I smoked weed after I drank the vial. My trip lasted for a few days and was soo paranoid and thought someone was going to kill me. Worst experience of my life. After that every time I smoked weed after that I was brought back to the nightmare realm that I was initially in I couldn’t sleep and heard people walk in the room I would often see people ik too, they were realistic asf as well it was the worst thing I have ever had to experience.

  2. once i smoked and went for a walk at like 5 am and no one was outside so i thought i was the only person in the world so i was freaking out and took my headphones out and was going to take a nap in someones yard till someone else came outside

  3. One time I was so high I started having a mental breakdown because dogs are colorblind. My friend kept comforting me and once her high kicked in she started crying too. We then proceeded to watch a french childrens show called something like tchoupi when we knew no french and passed out in the living room. I woke up the next morning with all my mascara dripped down my face like I must have been crying for over an hour