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I go after because it’s illegal in the
state of California to cultivate marijuana
I am in complete compliance
that pisses them off
With cannabis legalization happening so quickly right now in America
it’s kind of hard to forget how things were until ven a short while ago
so in this video
I want to take you back to the year 2012
when I was traveling through the US that
do stories from a van
and there I saw something that really have put me on track to start to cover the the war on drugs
I wanted to do a story of Humboldt
County Humboldt was very much known for
its weed growing and I sort of wanted to
contrast that with the then-campaign for
legalization in happening in Colorado so
I called up the local sheriff’s office
in Humboldt and asked him if I could
join on a raid and they were happy to
lead me so there I found myself at 6
a.m. in the morning at a briefing right
before the cops go on this raid
our crook that owns the property
is Bruce [..] so first thing you’re gonna come to is the travel trailer
I flew over
this one Friday close up and it’s still
no it looks just like this
there people everywhere
so there we go on this raid and what happens next
really threw up sort like a
philosophical question for myself laws
are very important in democracy is what
we have to live by
but what if ya the law is sort of unjust
farm we were going to claim that it had
all this paperwork in order yet at a
different federal level things were not
in order
and so the cops chose to basically
destroy his farm
He made a comment his affiliate’s a [gun] collector. And we’re all gonna get sued.
so what did you find today? Arrived on scene found five people on the property
that we detained
we have marijuana growing in the house
and we have marijuana in a greenhouse
and we have marijuana outdoors rough
guestimates probably thousand marijuana
you’re located one firearm in the
trailer I have a whole county building
planning department coming
make sure everything’s up to code the
structures are permitted fish and game is
on scene make sure there’s no water diversion
so you have the maximum
allowable plants under that – so you’re
adhering to the guidelines okay and
these are people that come here and tend
to grow okay there we have contact
information for these people so I can call them and verify that
I know that
would be something my attorney will be getting you
but you say your primary
source of income is the the marijuana
you’re you’re getting to the collective
well it’s enough for me to survive
but if I may ask which problem are you
solving right now? – what which problem
which problem are you solving
which problem I’m solving what I’m concerned
about the most is that any environmental
health concerns are occurring out here
you see this as environmental protection
first and foremost
yes wait maybe this is a good moment to
tell you Northern California is
ridiculously gorgeous
this is the home of the ents and also
home to tons of hippies that flocked
here in the 70s and 80s when the war on
drugs had started they hid in the hills
far away from the touristy redwoods over
the decades people moved in who weren’t
interested in an eco-friendly lifestyle
and started fucking things up waste
dumping water diversions and even toxic
waste dumped from butane national
producers you know decent fucking geo
material but before any conclusions
about that were even drawn those 1500
plants we’re already being cleared out
they are probably going to jail for
something else then
well detection that come down the road
right now the cultivation of marijuana
appears to be illegal so we’re still
so initially may be arrested for
cultivation of marijuana possession were
sales of marijuana
we’re not the environmental police that
they’re the experts they’ll inspect it
takes oil samples so they find any
violations they’ll submit the reports on
what kind of District Attorney’s office
if I ask you what the problem is you’re
solving you’re not saying well drug you
know that there’s drugs out on the
streets that’s not what you’re solving
your environment protection well that’s
what the the root of all evil is that
people grow marijuana are doing any
legal they have disregard to the land
and to the environment so it’s a
multitude of issues yet people they’re
drug dealers growing narcotics you know
people that have totally disregard the
land clearing earth to put greenhouses
down to moving streams blocking streams
so it’s a multitude issues of marijuana
cultivation I guess the question is
what’s the real deal in the question is
what’s the real deal the real deal is
this is a private piece of property that
was bought and it was originally just
gonna be a house and met somebody that
told me this is a good place to grow
good medical cannabis and so I decided
to try that I built some greenhouses and
I have a very close family friend that
owns a dispensary who serves to a lot of
sick people that need medicine it’s it’s
embarrassing for people that are
following the law to be shoved into a
position to look like criminal idiots
and that’s what the humble cast
taskforce has done here I’ve been I’ve
had the sheriff come out here
approximately two years ago inspected I
invited him in there are certain types
of people that do follow the laws they
are in compliance and they are
legitimately tied to a dispensary that’s
regulated by a county so the key thing
kirsov the county building guy has come
here and seen everything in action
to go after them I go out from because
it’s it’s illegal in the state of
California to cultivate marijuana
whether or not I’m going after on patrol
going out for drunk drivers or domestic
violence cultivation marijuana is
illegal in the state of California so we
receive reports or develop until we
investigate it when the voters say
that’s completely legal then we will no
longer do that but tell the voters and
state legislators and federal government
and the state government say it’s
illegal we will continue I mean it’s a
job if people told me that drunk driving
was illegal then we wouldn’t arrest
drunk drivers somebody told me it was
legal to walk into a grocery store and
point a gun in somebody’s face and Robin
was legal and we wouldn’t investigate
armed robberies right now marijuana is a
felony in the state of California I’m
paid to him force the laws of the state
of California that’s why we’re here
if he’s saying he’s a robot he should be
following the law he’s not he’s
intuitively interpreting what he wants
to see because you say you have you have
a paper that allows you to I am in
complete compliance they don’t like that
that it that pisses them off how can
this guy do this legally that’s their
they say they follow laws by the book
well they don’t well the problem that
we’re dealing with is that there are
some misinformation out there that
growing marijuana is somehow legal now
in the state of California or in
Humboldt County because of this medical
marijuana issue it’s not legal if you
grow marijuana and you sell marijuana it
doesn’t matter if it’s one plant or a
thousand plants you’re violating
California law
this policy stopped quite quickly after
I shot that video about two years later
there was a decree basically stating
that rates like this shouldn’t be done
anymore and they started cooperating
with local growers more there was
basically a new law that was passed to
prevent rates like this from happening
again really threw up served like a
philosophical question for myself what
have we democratically decided that
certain laws should exist even though
they’re not based on real merits we’ve
seen it with laws against being gay for
example or we see it even with laws
against flying kites in Afghanistan yes
substances carry a risk but that
shouldn’t mean that you should ban them
completely a lot of things in our
societies because have risks but we
haven’t banned them fully like we’ve
done with so many yeah substances the
best solution for things like this is
having sensible laws for them that you
know try to dis encourage people from
using it yet also make it available for
the people that do choose to do that
with their own body so if we ever want
to change anything about these laws we
actually have to go all the way to the
UN to change them hey and what a
coincidence I’m gonna cover that soon
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  1. Hey all! This is a re-upload of an earlier video. Never liked the intro, and video was going to be part of a trilogy that fell through for various reasons. In this way, it's more timeless – and a better introduction to a sort of larger story I will try to tell over the next year. Not many of you had seen this vid, so here's a second chance!