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The following program contains mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised
as more states to legalize marijuana more and more people are eating up edible pot products people in
California alone consume more than 180 million dollars worth of marijuana infused food and drinks in
2016 half of that was consumed by our audience
Because people want to make light of these things but gummy bears cookies they may appear completely harmless
But some are finding the exact opposite to be true, so
About a month ago. I was helping a friend paint her apartment, and it’s hot
March and I decide what does she have in her refrigerator?
So I opened her fridge. I look down I go
And I didn’t have all my readers and so I grab a glass and I pour myself a little bit
For another toss the bottle go back sit down. I realize that I’m extremely tired
So I’m like ok I need it, but as I start to walk towards the door to get air
I realize I can’t walk I’m wobbling I’m swerving the walls are moving. I’m like what hey
I’m taking a deep breath. It’s getting worse and it’s getting worse then I thought oh
My god am I having a stroke
So I jump up I run to the mirror to see if my face was distorted
And then I couldn’t take it anymore. I go lie down. I’m holding on to a pillow. She had I
Wake up the next morning and my friend comes in the room and she goes hey
Did you see a lemonade in my refrigerator and I said?
Yeah, I did. Well. Do you know where it is? Yeah? I drank it
You drink my cannabis
Cannabis lemonade I mean it’s a beautiful bottle and had a lemon on the front of it
I thought it was a mint leaves on the blimmin
Did you drink the entire thing and I said yeah? I did she said you do realize that that was four servings in one bottle
Our colleague our friend Terry joins
You can make you I mean, how are you hi first of all from that bottle of lemonade I’m still high
Your story really highlights what a problem this is with edibles because when you have drinks
They go in your mouth or absorb the cannabis is absorbed there as well as in your stomach
It’s really hard to know how much you’re ingesting him. I didn’t even know there was drinkable
Did you?
Think Colorado is banning the gummy bears and these edible candies. They’re like because because they’re so confusing and there’s been a
45% increase in the number of ER visits between 2014 and 2016
Okay, so I’m imagine a scenario kid goes in that fridge you had no idea did it taste did it have that little bit of
A marijuana taste to it. No it’s delicious
How many days do you felt normal excuse me?
No, I think I felt high for about
24 hours okay, and I felt exhausted
Because it really beats you up. It beat me up
Is there an answer beyond?
There are now all these products out there that claim that if you’ve taken maybe too much it can help you come down. There’s the
There me can’t relief. There’s no good evidence
I think that that these kinds of things really work
But this was an interesting one, and I like the reasoning behind it, but smelling pepper
That somehow it interacts with your cannabinoid receptors and can help offset some of that feeling of being high
I mean why not try it Terry you want to give it a whirl
The ideas that that black pepper paint something called carry aa saline which is a terpene it binds the same
THC receptor and therefore can bring you down and make you feel less high and less and less and toxic I don’t know
It’s marijuana one week and huffing the next come on Terry. No it’s look
you just have to be careful when you’re in someone else’s home I
Don’t just randomly go in and start drinking things or eating things you never know. I’ll remember that Terry Terry learned a lesson. Thanks

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