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Welcome to we’re with Ben D
from Freddy’s Fuego. what’s up my
friend what’s up you guys how’s it going
so what we’re doing today
we are going to take kind of a a clone
to flower journey with the ice cream cake
it’s a great strain from seed junkie jbz
down in California we Fino hunted it
last year and now we have three females
of it left this is our classic ice cream
cake that we’re going to show you today
we also have 33 flavors which was a
different fee no more gelato leaning and
then we also have cake frosting which
was wedding cake dominate the ice cream
cake we’re gonna show you today is 50/50
gelato 33 and wedding cake here’s some
clones we got right here 128 yeah half
of this is ice cream cake and the other
half is our award-winning la cookies
that won the dope cut which is fire
awesome so in this room is your quick
Dan I mean we’ve got we got some breath
mints some tropic truffle these are two
new fee notes that we’ve hunted the
Tropic truffle is Tropicana cookies
cross mint chocolate chip the breath
mints is a Mendo breath across
cinnamon now these you can see the
nitrogen is being sucked out of some of
them so they’re probably Richard
probably yeah they’re about they’re
about 15 days in and the roots are just
starting to take hold
so now they want to micronutrients in
small amounts will probably take them
out of the cloner in about five days
we dry so we’re looking at the nice
cream cake right there a huge bubble I
know that’s gonna be nice enough to
break it down for us watch the legs
so this is a this is a part of our
process this is our mother room we have
four different mom rooms this is our ice
cream cake number seven this is our
she’s beautiful we’re gonna be cloning
her next week we had some in the cloner
but you can see this is where we’re
gonna come in and we’re gonna take a
cutting from here clean off these edges
this would be a great clone right here
get an 8 inch piece of stock it’s from a
lower branch for a little bit more
hormones the ones on the top aren’t
necessarily my favorite the ones at the
very bottom they don’t quite have it as
much girth to them because they’re not
close to the light and they don’t have
as much air flow so you go right here in
the middle and get a nice little 810
inch piece stripper down give her a
diagonal cut and now we have an ice
cream cake clone I don’t I used to
now I just do a 45 and then a half
little shave on one side dip it in root
hormones and we put in our aeroponic
color we do use clone x but there’s also
something else that we do that’s
proprietary sauce the secret sauce this
mom is four and a half months old I
don’t like to clone until after four
months for hormonal integrity and so
she’s been cloned once and she’ll get
cloned again next week
we keep them around for two to three
cloning sessions and then we restart we
have a perpetual mom cycle so there’s
already moms that are younger right down
here that will be ready in about six to
eight weeks so these are about four
weeks old these are ice cream cakes
number number eight and we do about
thirty plants in each four by eight zone
and these are about two and a half weeks
away from going into flower so they’re
gonna be about we want to have a minimum
of eight tops per strain and some
strains we get up to sixteen tops assets
and liabilities you know create multiple
tops and create strong branches any weak
branches you’ve got to get rid of and
that way when you go to yield you’re not
just getting one one big cola we’re
gonna actually get eight to sixteen
colas per plant yes and those are for
those good joints that we do all we use
is B nug and C note for our joints we
don’t use any tremor shake in this
facility except the flower
no no I thought about it but it was way
too expensive you need to maximize your
footprint here this is a new strain that
we’re doing Pablo’s mints it’s been
featured it’s actually also from jbz
see junkie go ahead this is the
Cushman’s cross wedding cake try out the
Pablo’s mints it’s one of my favorites
for anybody who grows to see something
like this
yes this is going to be a clone
transplant today and these one gal pots
are filled ready to go to transplant our
huh so what’s up with me it was
because I’m gonna walk every room has
got a different interesting they just
passed south center yep and there’s a
couple other looks so break it down so
we have four mother rooms for veget of
eight flower runs the mother rooms and
vegetable all parks that I used to sell
weed out when I was a kid and then all
of the flower rooms are forests and or
like the concrete jungle south central
all in relationship to their geographic
location so this is facing the Amazon
jungle we call this the Amazon
interesting fun fact
come take a look at this little beauty
this is some ice cream cake she’s got
about one more week to go
she’s just fattening up
Oh grab one and really get touchy with
her because she is just gonna make you
fall in love it’s just pure gassy smells
really sickly I mean you can’t really
squeeze it because it’s so it’s like
pregnancy or the camera buddy smell that
look you got that battery monitor so you
could see a pitcher all double if not
yep it’s all double or triple trellis
this was the last table we put together
in this room so it has a little bit more
airflow usually we do more tops one of
the reasons you can see why you want to
top plants is that we could be making a
little bit more money on this table if
there was 8 to 16 tops most of these
plants have about 6 or 7 and there’s
just a little bit more money on the
table for us to make they’re the
finishing room basically this is the
drying room and we’ve got I mean I’m
going to step back a little bit and then
it’s like he’s got to reach back there
to get over going past the sin mint
cookies here grabbing some ice cream
she is just I grabbed the wrong one
there we get around 84 grams of
high-quality usable material from a
plant yes three ounces on the dot about
per plant of high-quality usable
material will get a little bit over a
hundred grams but a lot of that other
material will go to oil it’s really you
can see that how the leaves are dark
and these are like they’re not dry yet
but they’re getting there how long do we
so we start off from a 12 to 21 day cure
dry excuse me and so what we do is sixty
degrees Fahrenheit 60% humidity 12 to 21
days on average around 15 to 17 and then
we cut them into 18 inch chunks cross
Hachem log cabin style into the totes
and then we’ll burp the tote for two to
three weeks and let them cure starting
with like three burps a day going to –
burps going to one verb then we’ll take
the totes over to the trim package room
and the trim package room will actually
trim it up into the jar and let it
finalize its cure in the jars which is
beautiful this is our Larry cake it’s
it’s a little more gelato leaning from
our ice cream cake lineup we have three
different versions of ice cream cake and
this is our gelato leaning version and
so this is about 80 percent gelato 20%
wedding cake it’s one of my favorite ice
cream cakes that’s why we call it the
Larry cake hence my name tr Larry Bird’s
e but let’s take a little look at her
you can see that she resembles the
gelato a lot more than the wedding cake
but the the wedding cake is where she
gets her potency added into that gelato
flavor and palate
that’s beautiful that’s right no disease
are right there no so this is the this
is the Larry cake and she’s a more
gelato leaning version of the ice cream
cake right here we have the cake
shout out Kris crazy he fell in love
with this at the blunt masters this
this is more wedding cake dominant do
you take these any of the family soft
before you hang them um no no full plant
hang and then we actually don’t take off
the Leafs until we do the final the
final trim so they kind of protect the
trichomes yeah they’re the pawns on the
chessboard they’re protecting everybody
behind yeah we want to keep everything
in a minimum of a 6-inch chunk because
that way it goes slower and the dry trim
cure process everything needs to be slow
it’s not about speed we want quality
people don’t really realize if they want
to like original smoker everyone’s
tomorrow when I get a new strain I can’t
I can’t lie everyone so I get so excited
the hels belles is one of them I’ll be
like is it ready to smoke day 14 can we
try it and you know you want to go six
weeks before you smoke it yeah yep
we’ve got bags of weed guys fucking hot
Headz dream everything we do in here is
by hand we hand feed over 7,000 plants
we hand trim everything and we package
the product directly into the glass
after we trim it so that way there’s no
compression on the buds and you’re not
losing the trichomes to the bags or the
toes oh this is one of my favorite
stations because the material we use we
don’t cut anything for our joints all of
our joints are our B grade and C grade
flour nugs so yeah most people are gonna
cut your joint with some older product
from a year ago a couple months ago
at Freddie’s when you see our joints a
little bit more expensive you’re paying
for koala this is some of my favorite
oil we’ve done go ahead and go to any of
the local retailers Freddie’s gold we
also do a green label that’s for live
resin and exclusive drops it’s a little
bit more expensive but man is it some
everybody fee no hunts and a lot of
people buy cuts from other people one of
the specialties we do here at Freddy
swag o is we fee know hunt mass-scale
and we do three packs of seeds minimum
per strain when you do three packs of
seeds you can end up with a lot of
keepers and then it becomes a vote in
the hard decision jbz shout him out see
junkie we ran his gelato 33 wedding cake
and we ended up with four different
keepers we have the Larry cake in the 33
flavors that’s mostly gelato dominant
with a little bit of wedding cake in it
we have our ice cream cake that’s like a
50-50 mix of mom and dad and it’s such a
good blend but then if you want the
extreme power from the wedding cake we
have our cake frosting that’s much more
85/15 wedding cake dominant and so a lot
of people have ice cream cake out there
but we’re gonna show you the full
spectrum of what you can do with the
pheno hunt I’m in love with cannabis you
know it’s a product to be sold which it
is for for you also I understand
but you really have the passion I’m in
love with her and at the end of the day
I’m trying to share my palate with the
world and when you Fino hunt something
and just choose it because it has the
name ice cream cake there’s a lot of
cuts out there that are mediocre my
whole goal is to do a minimum of three
seed packs so that that way you find
something you find the Madonna the Elvis
Presley the LeBron James
you’re not the Holy Grail you don’t just
settle for a mediocre cut and when you
buy something from Freddy’s
you’re gonna get it grown organically
highest-quality everything done by hand
slow dry cure and the pheno and the
genetic is gonna be hand chosen by me
designer treats so I can’t let Jay
escape until we show them the cartridge
this is the final thing I wanted to show
you guys we’re launching this in a
couple weeks and if you want to smoke
some ice cream cake out of your pen
don’t worry we’ve got a new C cell
cartridge dropping in a couple weeks go
grab some of that ice cream cake do you
have any idea what these are to reach so
forth I’m not sure that’s up to your
local retailer and they like to jack up
our prices because our quality so good
make sure you negotiate with them and
get it we’re not selling it for much
more expensive probably cheaper than all
of our competitors you know they’re
gonna utilize our brand but go out there
and get it because it is well
unfortunately the last couple segments
at Freddy’s were compromised somebody
happened to the sound his microphone
must have come disconnected or I flipped
an off switch I really don’t know what
happened but I do know that we didn’t
get sound and what they were trying to
break down to us was the top of the
concentrate container has a very nice
piece of substance that’s not silicone
but it’s of similar consistency check
out the closer to me show so what we
were trying to show at freddys before we
had a problem with the sound and had to
kind of trash that whole sequence was
that the concentrate containers with the
corks you know I had made a joke about
the concentrate seeping into the cork
well I was corrected by the fellows at
Freddie’s because they have it’s not
silicon it’s a different kind of
material but it is
leak-proof it is you can dab off of this
actually and we’re gonna do that
momentarily we’re going to show you how
we do at least but the concentrate you
know is really looks just so nice excuse
my ugly fingers but it’s I can’t wait to
hit it
ice cream cake so this is a fitting
ending to the tour at freddy’s and you
can actually dab off of this which is
what we’re gonna do we are gonna do a
dab of the ice cream cake
don’t ask me why i’m doing this other
than to show you I mean it’s very and it
doesn’t go through doesn’t absorb into
the cork it’s a protective measure so
your your concentrate is preserved now
this is sort of like butter or cake
batter is the consistency now I just
cleaned the ball it looks dirty but
that’s just in caked on shit that’s I
can’t get off I need a more more
aggressive solvent anyways thank you Ben
from Freddie’s for your hospitality and
your good time and your great great weed
and your great contribution to cannabis
certainly in Washington State and
hopefully the rest of the country if not
the world in coming years Cheers ice
cream cake the rig is heated to 600
I like the 600 temperature because it’s
not as aggressively hot the smoke and I
can hold on to it a little bit longer it
I don’t really think it matters that
much it only has to cover the surface of
your lungs to get absorbed very smooth
very smooth now I do do baby dads I
don’t do go crazy because I know my
capacity is not so wonderful so that was
very yummy I definitely recommend you
checking out Freddie’s way go
concentrate said more particularly our
flower I’m a flower guy but there
concentrates are super clean super
effective they do what needs to be done
they’re quite fine so thank you for
watching again thanks Ben
thanks uptown genetics calm and our
patreon patrons have a great day stay
lifted row your bongs charge beliefs and
delight your vibes we’ll see you in the
next one

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