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– So do you roll these?
– Mmhmm, I only trust myself.
One little hit.
That’s it.
(laughing) There’s no more.
I’m gonna time it.
So we’ll see how you
feel (laughing) at 10:50.
– (laughing)
My God, your pot is strong!
– (laughing)
– It is insane!
– (laughing) Yeah the first
time we met I remember
was at an SNL after party.
– And most recently was
your Hilarity for Charity.
– Yes, we smoked weed
there too (laughing).
– My wife had to help me out.
– There was a lot of weed
smoking happening there.
– (laughing)
– Yeah.
So I don’t like to share
compliments I’ve been given,
but Snoop Dogg told me I
was the best joint roller
he’s ever met in his entire life.
– Wow, (laughing) that’s amazing!
– (laughing)
– (laughing)
– Wow!
– Because I can roll cross joints.
All those cross joints
in Pineapple express,
like, I actually rolled those.
And they’re really hard to roll.
– You’re like an origami master.
– Yeah.
I actually, we had a book when were kids,
and it was like a hundred creative ways
to smoke joints (laughing)
and the cross joint was in it.
I released a video once how to do it.
It’s kinda like an
inelegant way to smoke weed.
But, at a party it’s –
it’s a show stopper (laughing).
– I’m fucking baked, pal.
– Good.
– It’s always a good sign when-
– When there’s no white people
-There’s no white people.
– Yeah, always – 100%
You just feel better.
– Yeah, it’s a major step in
the right direction (laughing).
– Oh wait, – Thank you.
-we’re just going to town.
– Yes (laughing)
Did they have dim sum
where you were growing up?
– I didn’t have dim sum till,
probably like college.
– Wow.
The one time I remember as a kid,
realizing it was strange that we grew up
in a city with a lot of ethnic food,
was in the movie The Breakfast Club,
Molly Ringwald’s character
is eating sushi, – Oh yeah.
– And everyone’s looking at her like
she’s a fucking alien.
And I remember, me and
my sister were like,
what’s weird about that?
Like, everyone eats sushi (laughing).
– That’s fascinating to me.
How’s that, like, informed
your comedy growing up?
Like when you started to see that that’s
not how the world actually is.
– My best friend is my writing, producing,
directing partner who
I’ve known since I was 12.
Like, we wrote a movie that
was pretty representative
of our high school experience.
In practice, like, people found
our high school experience
to be like immensely relatable.
Like, people still watch
it and relate to it.
What’s interesting is that, like,
even though we had all this ethnic food,
it doesn’t change, like, the
simple dynamics really of
how you feel, like,
kids were still bullied,
just not for their food, for
other shit (laughing) you know?
(crowd cheering)
– You were so lucid as to what
you wanted out of your life.
I had no idea.
– Yeah, I knew.
I started doing stand up when I was 13.
– What the hell did your
parents say when you were like,
hey, mom, dad, I’m not
coming home tonight,
I’m gonna work late night at the club?
– They drove me to the club – (laughing)
– I couldn’t drive, I
had no driver’s license.
And so my mom,
my mom would go to the clubs with me.
And watch me perform.
Hi, I’m Seth Rogan, I’d like
to tell you a bit about myself.
I’m a two time Playgirl centerfold.
I did stand-up comedy for years.
And I think it was so informative
into how we make movies
because the audience.
You feel like you’re having
a conversation with them.
Like, they should feel
considered and included.
– Same with food. -With food.
And like, the more we make movies
the more I’m drawn to simplicity.
Like, right now we’re
writing a silent movie.
We were just like, could we make a movie,
– Going back to Charlie Chaplin style.
– With no talking.
Like, Buster Keaton is
one of my favorites.
It’s like, can we do the same thing,
with way less?
I would say with us, even still,
people are always like, it must be so easy
for you guys to get movies made.
And the truth is, like,
almost every one of our
movies is like so crazy
that it is quite hard to get made.
Like, Sausage Party is a
good example of something
that like, no one wanted
to make that movie.
For years and years and years.
This is the End, we had a
really hard time getting made,
even though we had all
the actors attached.
But then what’s funny, is like,
The Interview would be the thing that
people would point to and is like,
oh, that’s where, like, your
hubris took you too far.
But the truth is that movie,
looking back, was like, had the
least resistance to its making.
Like, they were just like,
go, go, go, you’re geniuses!
And like, we’re just like, oh yeah great!
And like, that I think
was the problem with it,
as opposed to our other movies,
they have to jump through
so many hoops to get made
that by the time they’re getting made,
they’re really good.
Because they’ve had, like,
a lot of holes poked in them
and things like that,
you know what I mean?
Like, yeah, The Interview
was the one where I was like,
man, wish people maybe scrutinized
that a little bit more (laughing).
– (laughing)
– Could of had a couple more
meetings about that one.
– (laughing)
– That wouldn’t have hurt.
– (laughing)
You may or may not like this.
– Oh my God!
That is fucking weird looking, dude.
– Yeah.
So peel off one of these,
– Oh, gross.
It’s like a ball sack.
– (laughing)
– This is like what,
if not a ball sack, what I
imagine is inside the sack.
– (laughing)
The testies (laughing)
– (mumbling)
– (laughing)
– Whoa!
– Right?
– Not bad.
A little sweaty (laughing)
– (laughing)
You’re fucking ruining
my favorite (mumbles)
– (laughing)

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